What is Website Redesign?

How to Redesign a Website

The first step in the website redesign process is to carefully analyze your current website.

A website redesign can have a broad definition but it entails revamping the design of the website, the structure as well as messaging. 

Next, make a redesign strategy and must make a plan about that how you will go about improving these areas.

Finally, you must consider other opportunities to penetrate the new markets. When planning a website redesign, you should not only think about improvements to the site’s content but also consider your site business goals, user interface, check current site broken links, go for user testing of your current site, check site speed, make a plan how to improve it and design a site that fits on all mobile devices.

You should also be interested in seeing quantitative data about your site’s conversions. Quantitative data can tell you which of your pages are attracting the most attention from visitors, and which of those pages are yielding the best conversions, and which of the page need redesigning.

At this stage, you and your website redesign team must check all technical aspects of the entire newly redesigned website, at this stage, you should plan each and every detail of your new site like how it will fit on mobile devices and what search engine optimization efforts that you are going to be put on your redesigned site.

Website Redesign Requirements

Website redesign is different than building a completely new website, you are starting from an initial foundation.

A website redesign should not only be for the purpose of improving the appearance of the existing website design, but the main reason why webmasters decide to redesign their websites is that they want to attract more visitors and more customers, website redesigns should define business goals clearly, the new site should be more responsive.

You should carefully redesign the existing website landing pages, as the landing pages are the one that defines the website’s business and its goals. Web Design should be redesign perfectly for the target audience and it must have a responsive design so that it can fit on mobile devices, as mobile site users are growing day by day.

Planning a website redesign

Whatever the reason for redesigning a brand new website, these things are all possible. You just need to know exactly what to do in order to make it happen. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to create a better new responsive site.

Website Redesign Strategy

A good website strategy should be able to attract website traffic, potential customers, meet business goals, should target audience, should be able to build brand awareness.

Its storyboard should be able to clearly define the entire website newly designed website individual pages, page titles, how to include web pages, and even how to incorporate digital marketing and digital marketing strategy into your websites.

When we talk about redesign a website for digital marketing, it simply means using the Internet to advertise and market your website, and it is the duty of web designers to consult the marketing team for incorporating their requirements into a website redesign project.

Search engine optimization SEO

It involves using keywords, backlinks, and other strategies to increase your website’s rankings and traffic on search engines. The purpose of all the SEO strategies is to greatly increase the web traffic which in turn can bring more potential customers to your website and can result in more revenue.

How to start a website redesign

New website redesign projects can be complicated, but if you have good project management skills, a good website development team, a good website strategy, and a great website redesign model, you can make a successful website redesign very easily.

Your project should start out with an understanding of your new site objectives and goals. You will need to know about your current website layout and its contents and where it needs improvement, the new website content strategy should be clearly defined, what new pages and what new contents will be required and how they will fit into the new website redesigns.


What is the web redesign Process?

In the Website redesign process, you’ll need to look for a web designer that can turn your idea into a reality, you can also search for an online website redesign tutorial or guides that can provide you with tips, techniques, and recommendations for designing your custom website.

For a website redesign process, you can start searching online resources for new techniques that are currently in use by successful developers.

You will most likely find a number of different ideas. These ideas and tips will most likely include the use of SEO techniques as well as other ideas that you may not have thought of before.

You may also check out the websites of top website companies to get some tips and ideas about how they attract their target audience, with help of online resources you can make a successful website redesign strategy that will be loved by your website visitors.

Hiring Website Design Professionals

Another important thing you should consider is whether or not hiring a professional designer will actually be cheaper than going about the redesign process yourself.

If you’re planning on redesigning your website yourself, then you should know that there are some good reasons to think about it.

Hiring a professional to help you design your Galway website can cost you several thousand dollars in the case of eCommerce websites this cost can grow more, whereas if you take a class or a workshop on designing websites, you can learn slowly how to do it yourself for a few hundred dollars. This can really help you to cut down on your website design costs.

Revamping website Types

There are two main types of website revamping

  1. Full website revamping
  2. Only revamping website presentation

In full Website Design revamp all the website code and design is changed. Whereas in only revamping Website Presentation, the design, layout, and structure of the website are changed.

In many cases, website redesign involves a few or all of the following

  1. Mobile Website
  2. Friendly Design
  3. Updated Servers
  4. SSL Certificates
  5. UX Design
  6. Branding Changes
  7. Technology Adaptations
  8. Social Media Elements
  9. Overhaul of Website Templates
  10. Persona Targeting
  11. New Products and Service
  12. Responsive Design

What is a web redesign Plan?

A good site redesign plan requires careful thought and attention to detail. It takes a lot of research and time before you can decide which elements are essential and which can be moved or eliminated. However, once you have refined your site layout, you can then begin to create the layout landing pages and pages of your site.

When you have a basic desktop and mobile website layout, the next step is how to make a website redesign plan, this web design redesign plan will mainly focus on the website pages features that will highlight your site’s strengths.

In the planning phase, you should make a strong navigation structure as it will help visitors navigate easily on your site, easy to use site navigation encourages visitors to spend more time exploring your redesigned site.

Web redesign workflow that works

It is also called storyboarding a web design, website storyboard is the blueprint of your website, it’s the visual appearance of your website, and it helps you and your client in better understanding of the whole website revamping process.

Story boarding will be the visual representation of your web design. How to storyboard a website is very simple you just need to draw all your site pages, posts, images, and navigation on paper, there are a lot of storyboarding software available on the net which can help you in drawing this information on paper.

Navigation Website improvements

One of the key elements of the redesigned website is the concept of navigation. When you redesign your current website, it is important that your visitors know where they should be going on your website, in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

A good example of this is how you would design a website with an index page, which would list the most important content on the main page.

You would then have subpages linking to each of these pages, so your website visitors could browse through the content as they wish.

What is web redesign Cost?

Stunning website redesign Cost depends on many factors, it mainly depends on the number of pages that you want to redesign, now websites are essential for any online business success, no business can be successful without a good website, a good website is the one which can attract traffic, meet website business goals, can convert this traffic into a potential customer.

For attracting the traffic you have to consider many things like

  1. Attractive website design
  2. Website Speed
  3. Quick website load time
  4. On-page and off-page SEO
  5. Good and speedy web hosting services provider and many more

These are some of the factors that can decide website redesigning costs.

 Website revamp checklist

  1. Identifying what is wrongs with your current website
  2. Is it user-friendly?
  3. Is it responsive i.e. fits on different screen sizes
  4. Have your Business Changed
  5. Check Website Speed
  6. Check the website loading time
  7. Is your website communicating your goals?
  8. Is it doing brand awareness?
  9. Is it easy to navigate?


The redesigning of the website can consume time and money and it should be only done only in rare cases like if your business has been changed, your website is not responsive or it is not performing well, but if you have already decided to go for a website redesign, then wait for no more call us, we at Cliqued Media have the best web developers and web designers that are ready to help you in redesigning your website.

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