What is Website Redesign?

Website Redesign

How to Redesign a Website

The first step in the website redesign process is to carefully analyze your current website.

A website redesign can have a broad definition but it entails revamping the design of the website, the structure as well as messaging. 

Next, make a redesign strategy and must make a plan about that how you will go about improving these areas.

Finally, you must consider other opportunities to penetrate the new markets. When planning a website redesign, you should not only think about improvements to the site’s content but also consider your site business goals, user interface, check current site broken links, go for user testing of your current site, check site speed, make a plan how to improve it and design a site that fits on all mobile devices.

You should also be interested in seeing quantitative data about your site’s conversions. Quantitative data can tell you which of your pages are attracting the most attention from visitors, and which of those pages are yielding the best conversions, and which of the page need redesigning.

At this stage, you and your website redesign team must check all technical aspects of the entire newly redesigned website, at this stage, you should plan each and every detail of your new site like how it will fit on mobile devices and what search engine optimization efforts that you are going to be put on your redesigned site.

Website Redesign Requirements

Website redesign is different than building a completely new website, you are starting from an initial foundation.

A website redesign should not only be for the purpose of improving the appearance of the existing website design, but the main reason why webmasters decide to redesign their websites is that they want to attract more visitors and more customers, website redesigns should define business goals clearly, the new site should be more responsive.

You should carefully redesign the existing website landing pages, as the landing pages are the one that defines the website’s business and its goals. Web Design should be redesign perfectly for the target audience and it must have a responsive design so that it can fit on mobile devices, as mobile site users are growing day by day.

Planning a website redesign

Whatever the reason for redesigning a brand new website, these things are all possible. You just need to know exactly what to do in order to make it happen. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to create a better new responsive site.

Website Redesign Strategy

A good website strategy should be able to attract website traffic, potential customers, meet business goals, should target audience, should be able to build brand awareness.

Its storyboard should be able to clearly define the entire website newly designed website individual pages, page titles, how to include web pages, and even how to incorporate digital marketing and digital marketing strategy into your websites.

When we talk about redesign a website for digital marketing, it simply means using the Internet to advertise and market your website, and it is the duty of web designers to consult the marketing team for incorporating their requirements into a website redesign project.

Search engine optimization SEO

It involves using keywords, backlinks, and other strategies to increase your website’s rankings and traffic on search engines. The purpose of all the SEO strategies is to greatly increase the web traffic which in turn can bring more potential customers to your website and can result in more revenue.

How to start a website redesign

New website redesign projects can be complicated, but if you have good project management skills, a good website development team, a good website strategy, and a great website redesign model, you can make a successful website redesign very easily.

Your project should start out with an understanding of your new site objectives and goals. You will need to know about your current website layout and its contents and where it needs improvement, the new website content strategy should be clearly defined, what new pages and what new contents will be required and how they will fit into the new website redesigns.

How to Redesign a Website

What is the web redesign Process?

In the Website redesign process, you’ll need to look for a web designer that can turn your idea into a reality, you can also search for an online website redesign tutorial or guides that can provide you with tips, techniques, and recommendations for designing your custom website.

For a website redesign process, you can start searching online resources for new techniques that are currently in use by successful developers.

You will most likely find a number of different ideas. These ideas and tips will most likely include the use of SEO techniques as well as other ideas that you may not have thought of before.

You may also check out the websites of top website companies to get some tips and ideas about how they attract their target audience, with help of online resources you can make a successful website redesign strategy that will be loved by your website visitors.

Hiring Website Design Professionals

Another important thing you should consider is whether or not hiring a professional designer will actually be cheaper than going about the redesign process yourself.

If you’re planning on redesigning your website yourself, then you should know that there are some good reasons to think about it.

Hiring a professional to help you design your Galway website can cost you several thousand dollars in the case of eCommerce websites this cost can grow more, whereas if you take a class or a workshop on designing websites, you can learn slowly how to do it yourself for a few hundred dollars. This can really help you to cut down on your website design costs.

Revamping website Types

There are two main types of website revamping

  1. Full website revamping
  2. Only revamping website presentation

In full Website Design revamp all the website code and design is changed. Whereas in only revamping Website Presentation, the design, layout, and structure of the website are changed.

In many cases, website redesign involves a few or all of the following

  1. Mobile Website
  2. Friendly Design
  3. Updated Servers
  4. SSL Certificates
  5. UX Design
  6. Branding Changes
  7. Technology Adaptations
  8. Social Media Elements
  9. Overhaul of Website Templates
  10. Persona Targeting
  11. New Products and Service
  12. Responsive Design

What is a web redesign Plan?

A good site redesign plan requires careful thought and attention to detail. It takes a lot of research and time before you can decide which elements are essential and which can be moved or eliminated. However, once you have refined your site layout, you can then begin to create the layout landing pages and pages of your site.

When you have a basic desktop and mobile website layout, the next step is how to make a website redesign plan, this web design redesign plan will mainly focus on the website pages features that will highlight your site’s strengths.

In the planning phase, you should make a strong navigation structure as it will help visitors navigate easily on your site, easy to use site navigation encourages visitors to spend more time exploring your redesigned site.

Web redesign workflow that works

It is also called storyboarding a web design, website storyboard is the blueprint of your website, it’s the visual appearance of your website, and it helps you and your client in better understanding of the whole website revamping process.

Story boarding will be the visual representation of your web design. How to storyboard a website is very simple you just need to draw all your site pages, posts, images, and navigation on paper, there are a lot of storyboarding software available on the net which can help you in drawing this information on paper.

Navigation Website improvements

One of the key elements of the redesigned website is the concept of navigation. When you redesign your current website, it is important that your visitors know where they should be going on your website, in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

A good example of this is how you would design a website with an index page, which would list the most important content on the main page.

You would then have subpages linking to each of these pages, so your website visitors could browse through the content as they wish.

What is web redesign Cost?

Stunning website redesign Cost depends on many factors, it mainly depends on the number of pages that you want to redesign, now websites are essential for any online business success, no business can be successful without a good website, a good website is the one which can attract traffic, meet website business goals, can convert this traffic into a potential customer.

For attracting the traffic you have to consider many things like

  1. Attractive website design
  2. Website Speed
  3. Quick website load time
  4. On-page and off-page SEO
  5. Good and speedy web hosting services provider and many more

These are some of the factors that can decide website redesigning costs.

 Website revamp checklist

  1. Identifying what is wrongs with your current website
  2. Is it user-friendly?
  3. Is it responsive i.e. fits on different screen sizes
  4. Have your Business Changed
  5. Check Website Speed
  6. Check the website loading time
  7. Is your website communicating your goals?
  8. Is it doing brand awareness?
  9. Is it easy to navigate?


The redesigning of the website can consume time and money and it should be only done only in rare cases like if your business has been changed, your website is not responsive or it is not performing well, but if you have already decided to go for a website redesign, then wait for no more call us, we at Cliqued Media have the best web developers and web designers that are ready to help you in redesigning your website.

Custom Design Website Vs. Templates, Which is The Best

Custom Design Website

Custom Design Website Vs. Templates, Which is The Best

Do you want the look and feel of your website to reflect who you are as a company? A website is a representation of your business. If it’s poorly designed, then you’re telling the world that you don’t care about how your company looks to potential customers and employees.

The debate of custom design websites vs. templates arises at this point. For example, a custom design is more engaging, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Additionally, with a template, you are limited to the features that come standard with the template.

So, which is the search engine-friendly website design option for you? If you want to stand out among competitors, then “Custom built website” is the answer!

There will be no uniqueness when you run after a website template site and find one already used by thousands of websites.

Let’s dive further into it.

Is It Worth The Price To Have A Custom Website Design?

Many people find a custom design to be a tricky investment. However, it’s worth the cost because of the increased conversion rates and a higher level of trust this website style provides. The key is understanding that your site will take time to create, and you should hire someone who understands your company’s vision and has experience in your industry.

The template websites might be easy to purchase and install, but in the long run, they can lead to issues when you start website optimization for search engines.

1. Flexibility And CMS Choice

Firstly, since custom-built websites are not based on any particular theme/template, it is highly flexible. You can add/remove/change whatever content you want on it. It is not locked to any pre-designed layouts.

Also, you can choose which content management system or platform you want to use on your website. You can use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other custom-built CMS that best suits your digital marketing requirements.

2. Long-term costs

Since custom website design is created from scratch, it gives the designer ample time to fine-tune every design element, so there are no harmful elements on the site. Making frequent changes is accessible if required. Unlike template websites where you have to hire a new web developer for every recent evolution, this adds up on long-term costs after a while.

Templates are a great way to get started quickly and with little effort. But if you’re looking for something more personal, custom design will be the better option.

3. Scalability

If you go for a template, it will be challenging to update your site as per changing dynamics of the market. Moreover, if it does not fit well into all kinds of screens (i.e., mobile devices), there may be many issues later on down the line, requiring substantial investments to fix them. Once again, using your own website allows you more flexibility and easy updating without worrying about its cost.

Custom Design Website

4. Customized Services

With a custom site, there are more possibilities that you might not have thought about or did not exist with a standard template solution. For example, you are free to choose from styles and looks that were never available before through any platform. These aspects make custom web development worth the investment because it allows your business to stand out of the crowd in ways never imagined before.

5. Originality

When it comes to sidebars, footers, and other related elements, if you use website templates, all that will be available for you is what has already been prepared by the designers. You cannot ask for changes or customizations, which limits creativity.

But when using custom website designs by experienced web developers, you will become free from all such limitations and make any changes as per your needs without having to worry about the costs involved.

6. Clean Coding By Web Developers

A custom website is built from scratch and coded with care so that you can take advantage of all the latest web design standards. You might assume that’s not a big deal, but cleanly written code receives ranking points in search engines which directly impacts your SEO rankings!

A well-rectified site delivers a better experience for users by providing user-friendly features like mobile compatibility or responsive layouts.

7. The Credibility Factor

No matter how much you are willing to pay or how much time you spend on Facebook or Google for marketing your business, nothing comes even close to the credibility of a professional-looking website. The design of the site reflects directly on your business.

However, if it’s publically known that your template website was designed by some cheap designer who cannot distinguish white typeface from black and dark blue from purple, think about what kind of impression it will make on visitors! They may not take you seriously. So, getting custom website design services is a good idea.

Though expensive at first sight, a custom-made website saves money in the long run due to its high trust value.

Final Verdict

Finally, coming down to choosing between a custom website and a template website, we can say that having a template site is better than having no sight. But you will need to continuously invest in your business because it lacks the potential for adapting itself to changing market dynamics without breaking the bank every time.

Custom web development gives you more value for what you pay and never fails to get updated with changing needs of your customers. Also, customization offers increased flexibility and control over how your site looks and operates. If you want something different than what is available in today’s marketplaces, then it makes sense to go with customization. There’s no limit on creativity when dealing with custom websites.

Get Cliqued Media Custom Website Design Agency In Ireland

If you are looking for a website that is more than just a template, we have the solution. With our interactive and engaging design process, we can build your perfect website – one that will stand out from the crowd and be unique to your brand.

Our custom website design company specializes in creating websites that work well on mobile devices and provide an unforgettable user experience with features like responsive web design, the best user interface, and SEO-optimized code. So stop thinking about templates.

Contact us today to get started on your custom-designed website!

How to Storyboard Your Web Site


How to Storyboard Your Web Site

When someone wants to learn how to storyboard a website, he or she can find a lot of information about it on the internet, there are lot of videos available on YouTube that can teach you how to properly storyboard a website.

What is Website Storyboarding 

It’s the blueprint of a website. It is a straightforward and simple tool that can be utilized to showcase the elements of the website on one single page i.e. images, banners, navigation, graphics, and the website contents. It is the best approach for showcasing project details to the website design team and to the clients in a visual way.

By using it, the presentation of the information becomes fairly simple, especially when you consider how much less text is needed for it. As new technologies always are being adopted by site developers for easing the web designing process, old techniques are becoming obsolete.

Nowadays, it’s becoming very popular among web developers. Is an amazing application that web designers are using for visualizing their website design concepts.

The Purpose of the Storyboard can be Split up into Three Main Steps

1) To draw an outline of the website in a visual way that you can show it to your customers
2) Identifying the elements that you should place on every page of the website.
3) It shows the navigational structure of the website, it shows the information flow of the website and it also shows how the user will interact with the website

Generate the layout with few Clicks

With this amazing tool, you can actually visualize the entire web site and your web pages, you do not need a professional graphic designer for your website to layout its visual representation you can easily do it with few mouse clicks, there are amazing software tools and application available on the internet that can help you design your web sites visual layout very easily, this will help you visualize your website look and feel.

You can easily visualize the navigation structure of your website, which is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization and it can help your site better rank in SERP.

Storyboarding Website

How to storyboard a Web page is really quite easy to grasp once you have some training. The actual drawing of the website is the next step and this is where most people’s problems tend to occur. It is often the case that the site designer has little or no experience with the job and he or she winds up making a mistake while drawing the website.

An easy way to ensure that it all flows smoothly and is easy to navigate is to graphical represent the Web site.

How to Storyboard Your Web Site

Storyboarding Website Design Benefits

There are many benefits of visually presenting your website as part of the web design process. One benefit is that the visual elements of the website will be in place before the user has even clicked on the mouse.

It helps prevent changes due to user error from getting pushed back into the production process. It also helps minimize the possibility of having to redraw something that looks off in the final project. In the long run, you can actually see the images, site navigation, menu structure, content pages, and the overall layout plan of your website design.

Storyboarding Web Design

Website graphical representation helps your design team to visually view your website design concept and it also helps to design your website with your site visitors in mind, as you are designing the website for your site visitors to read and like your contents, if you ignore your site visitors needs than your website design can be a total failure.

You always have to keep your site visitors’ needs first in your mind, you can easily share your website concept visually with your team members. Visualizing sharing concepts with your team members can make things crystal clear.

What it means to Storyboard a Website and the Best Practices

It is a visual representation of the website, it shows which information goes to which page of the site, it also shows you the proper site navigation, website storyboard shows a clear navigation structure of your site, let’s say you are on some inner page of the site, storyboard website should clearly show you how you will move to the homepage of your website or some other inner page of your site.

Below are a few of the best practices that are mainly required for web site storyboarding

1) First step is the collection of all the information that will be required for your website, it includes text, images, videos, and all the helping material.
2) Converting the collected information into categories, You should start these categories from broad categories and then narrow them down into sub-categories.
3) Make a clear plan for website contents, page titles, heading, and subheadings.
4) It’s time to structure your information, there are many storyboard software and apps available online both free and paid that can help in making storyboard sketches based on your collected information.
5) Make the menu structure that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. There are many professional storyboard template available online from which you can take help, or you can hire a professional storyboard creator for your project as it’s the foundation that will hold your website building.
7) Testing the Layout. Ask someone to test the layout by imagining that he is navigating the real site, if he cannot easily navigate then revise the layout
At “cliqued media we always storyboard websites” so that our clients get exactly what they need.

Storyboarding Web

The layout that is created using this tool will often times be much easier to implement than an HTML layout and storyboarder can help you draw the perfect visualizing of your website concept by storyboarding web.

This is because most of the visual elements will already be in place when the layout is created. All that is left is adding the images that will go with it and ensuring that the layout flows as smoothly as possible.

In the case of the website design process, it can also help the designers and customers focus on the final product instead of being distracted by the layout, as the website layout plays a vital role in the success of any website, visual layout helps in designing the user-friendly website design, which is easy to navigate and easy to grasp content pages by the site’s visitors.

If you use HTML, you may need to learn some tricks to create the right menu structure for implementing the mock-ups. The problem with it is that the wrong code may get embedded in the final product and will not be readable for the viewer.

In the case of mockup layouts, they are easy to make and grasp. Another issue is that many people think that there are not many tools available for the non-techies, however, there are many tools that are easy to use and are easily available on the net.

Some of the non-technical people may not know how to create mockups and therefore, need to outsource it to a professional who can deal with it. There are many freelance designers who can do custom storyboards at a nominal price so that site owners can visualize the final product that will fit their needs.

The way that they do it is by using a special software program. This is a simple software program that allows them to just drag and drop the items in the scene and they can see it in 3D.

A basic layout just takes a few minutes to build by website builders, but it can save you tons of time, if you need a professional designer, we at Cliqued Media Ireland website design agency can help you design a professional graphical representation or your site, that is easy to grasp by your customers and easy to reach at the end of the funnel. Get in Touch with us for professional storyboarding, website designing, digital marketing, and SEO, we have a dedicated team of professionals who can fulfill all your website design and marketing needs under one roof.

Visualizing your Final Product

If you are looking to hire a professional for your web design process, then story board help is important to you. You want to be able to visualize your final product and you want to look at the finished work instead of just seeing the basic layout.

Using story board layout will help you visualize what your website will look like and will make everything else easier as well. You should consider hiring a designer or a freelancer to help you out because it is an important part of the entire design process.

You can learn how to story board apps for your website by taking a class or you can read articles about it on the internet. There are many benefits to knowing how to draw your site and they include things like your audience seeing your entire design process from start to finish.


If you can visualize your site, then you can come up with exciting ideas and you can also have better quality in your imagination. Learning how to draw storyboard can help you achieve the designs that you want and it is something that is very important when it comes to planning out your pre-production process.

Pros and Cons of Web Design Companies

Pros and Cons of Web Design Companies

Web design is not cheap and it does not have to be expensive, especially in a down economy. If you are thinking of hiring a web design company in Ireland to create a website for your company, consider web designers Ireland prices as web designers Ireland prices are not too high and they always provide the best services for the cost they charge.

When you look at web designers Ireland prices, you are going to find website design Ireland custom website design services are affordable and are the best in the market. In case you need a responsive web design, this leading web design Company in Ireland is able to create affordable web design at an economical price for your online business, these website design professionals and digital marketing agency in Ireland is able to provide you with web development services that fit within your budget and give you fully optimised WordPress solutions.

How much does a web design Ireland Costs?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of digital marketing agencies in Ireland, your can ask for a quick price comparison chart of the prices for the services they are offering. This will allow you the price comparison, there are many website development and eCommerce web design and development services in Ireland that charge an hourly wage that can best fit within your budget.

The price list goes from basic custom web design services to more complex web design such as an online business website design for small and medium businesses. You can ask for the prices and packages on this award-winning Ireland web design and digital marketing agency.

So, how do you know which responsive Web Design Ireland Company is offering the cheapest rates?

You do not necessarily have to go to web design Ireland companies to ask what their package offers. If you’re a savvy business person, then you already know that there are many online companies that offer web design, web development services, web hosting services that are affordable and can make responsive websites.

Pros and Cons of Web Design Companies

eCommerce Website Builder Ireland

To make your research easier, you may want to start with price comparisons on different websites. You can even research for an online full-service digital agency that can provide you both web development and web marketing services this will help your business in marketing success. A website made by web development and an online marketing agency can take your website to the top of search engine ranking.

A digital marketing agency that provides web development services can be the best for your online business success.

Once you find such a company that provides digital marketing and web design services with the least expensive rates like Cliuqed Media, it’s time to see what they can do for your business. If you need web design services to design a website for your small business, then you’ll want to find a company that is reputable and knowledgeable. Web Design Ireland has created award-winning websites for many customers you can check their profiles at https://cliquedmedia.com/our-past-work/.

These websites are not only designed well but are also developed to meet the best SEO and digital marketing standards, with this approach there is little effort required to rank such websites on search engines.

Multi-Platform Web Development Company In Ireland

A web design Ireland a responsive website design company in Ireland that offers website development and digital marketing services may be your best bet for digital marketing in Ireland because these companies are known for their creativity.

With their years of experience in creative design, they can help you increase your web traffic, create a custom online store, and provide your business with online visibility. Look at their portfolio or testimonials on their website for previous clients. A reputable company will have happy past clients that will tell you about their experiences with them.

Choosing an Ireland Website Design Company

Another thing to consider when choosing a web design Ireland company is their digital marketing solutions. This is important because they should offer creative services such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEO services, link creation, web design, web development, digital marketing services, digital marketing solutions, online success, logo design, search engine rankings, technical solutions, lead generation, design solutions, web hosting, excellent customer service, custom solutions, and email marketing. If they don’t have any of these services listed, look for another company.

You can also search for online web design & development services companies on the Internet. Visit customer reviews sites and search for ratings. Read past client testimonials on the same site do some market research. Find out how long the company has been in business and the kind of web design and digital services they offer.

Ask for a free consultation so you can get a feel for how they communicate, how much affordable prices they can offer, and check their behavior with their customers and ask if you can contact their past clients.


Look at all of these web design pros and cons and decide which is right for you. Remember, you’re making an investment, so take the time to research the company to make sure that they have experience and can meet your needs. Don’t rush into anything. Be smart and be careful. If you have a good experience, the pros will outweigh the cons, so remember that it’s your ecommerce website, not theirs.

The Importance Of Having A Good E Commerce Strategy

E Commerce Strategy

Global online sales increased to nearly $4.29 trillion in 2020. This was a 21.4% increase over the previous year (according to Digital Commerce 360 estimates). This was partially driven by the pandemic, but also by the fact that more and more consumers worldwide are becoming comfortable with the concept of shopping online.

If you are perhaps dithering with the decision of whether or not to enter the e commerce market, well dither no more, it’s an absolute no-brainer in the new business environment. And specialist agencies like Cliqued Media website design Ireland, are there to support you in re-positioning your business model to address e commerce requirements.

There are three main fields of e commerce, being B2B, B2C and C2C. Depending on your product category, or type of business, you’ll need to quickly get into the e commerce space. That is, if you are not involved already.

Just consider the following thought-provoking benefits of moving some or all of your business online:

Building a Global Presence

When you enter the realm of e commerce, your business potentially becomes a global one, accessible by anyone from Galway to New York. All you have to do is to ensure that you have the distribution capabilities and off your go. Just think what it would cost in traditional marketing terms to gain global exposure and access.

Increased Brand Awareness

Creating and maintaining brand awareness has always been a major objective of any marketing strategy. Well, without over simplifying, if you do a good job with your brand narrative online, your awareness will grow exponentially. Although you may be focusing particularly on ecommerce, your brand will naturally benefit from exposure on the various channels that you use, to drive consumers to your online store.  Click here to learn some of the effective e commerce web design.

Reducing Cost of Sales

Marketing and selling online has the potential to save millions in overheads and marketing budgets. Take for instance the cost of distribution. For many companies, the need to maintain a physical presence in the form of retail outlets has disappeared, as consumers move online.

Sure, this does not apply to all product categories, because some products require a physical interaction. In these cases, both a physical and online presence is desirable. But if you’re lucky enough, a good online presence alone, will do the trick. Add to that the cost-effective nature of online, compared to traditional marketing, and the fact that you no longer need a salesforce, and there you have it!

E Commerce Strategy

24 Hour Sales Opportunities

Imagine running your business 24/7, without having to pay exorbitant overtime costs, or worrying about security issues at night. Well, e commerce makes this possible, without most of the expenses incurred with a physical outlet.

Developments in AI, mean that your system can handle orders seamlessly and reliably, without the need for expensive staff. At the very least, and depending on your business commitment, you may need to maintain order desk staff or people to assist with online queries and complaints.    

Greater Customer Satisfaction

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, e commerce is streets ahead. You’re building brand loyalty by making customer’s lives easier. You’re providing people with convenience and taking a major risk factor out of their lives, by enabling them to buy online.

Trading hours become limitless, and customers can browse online and shop at their leisure, anytime the need arises. It means that customers can act immediately on a whim if so required – talk about increasing impulse purchase opportunities and growing potential sales volumes.

Better Customer Relations

Any comprehensive e commerce strategy entails using a selection of internet channels, that should all serve to drive people to your online store. There you can attempt to convert and sell to them. The clever use of social media, blog posts and forums in particular, sets up a platform for live interaction and discussion with potential customers. Here you can begin to create relationships and loyalty.

Finally, when a buyer is interacting on your online store, you are able to monitor their behaviour on site and also, whether the purchase is completed. Failing completion, you’ll also be able to follow up with personal reminder messages, emails and other relevant communication aimed, at stimulating further purchases.

Broader Distribution and Product Offering

Expanding your sales territories and width of distribution will no longer be a huge and expensive undertaking. Why, because you’ll essentially be working out of one location. Just a single virtual online store is all that is required and from there, the world becomes your oyster. And because shelf-space is no longer a restriction, you’ll be able to offer a broader product range as well. Even diversify if desirable.

Communicate effectively on the right channels. Aim your message at the right people. Offer a good quality product or service. Guarantee fast and reliable delivery and returns. Finally, support this with secure payment options and your business is sure to flourish.  

More Marketing Opportunities

One of the great things about internet marketing and e commerce, is the number and selection of channels to choose from, all of them clearly targeted at distinct markets, and each appealing to millions of like-minded consumers.

Some of these different opportunities and marketing ‘tools’, include the likes of social media platforms, e mail marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, content-marketing, blogsites, Google Display advertising, Pay-Per-Click and the like.

A far cry from the old radio, TV and print scenario. It must be emphasised however, that this does not mean ignoring traditional advertising strategies. Traditional and online marketing should work in synergy to achieve the same goals and objectives of attracting loyal customers.     

Using the Professionals

Developing a new e commerce strategy and setting up for this, is usually a relatively low-cost exercise, when compared to traditional business models. That is until you don’t do it properly or decide to do it on the cheap. The result of taking short cuts, can be a bunch of highly disillusioned customers, and the destruction of much of the loyalty and goodwill built up for your brand. 

Doing e commerce effectively, requires a great deal of strategic thought, and the advice of experts. It’s really important that you take a strategic approach and make use of the e commerce professionals. Any upfront investment will be paid back handsomely if the homework is done correctly.

Luckily there are experts who specialise in e commerce strategy and set-up. Experts like Cliqued Media, who will work closely with your team to analyse your e commerce needs and to develop the appropriate strategy. Cliqued Media will help you to develop a comprehensive strategy that drives traffic to your online store and builds customer sales and loyalty.        

Tips For Effective Ecommerce Web Design Galway

Ecommerce Galway

Tips For Effective Ecommerce Web Design Galway

Cliqued Media Web Design Galway, knows that the development of an effective eCommerce website has become the prerequisite for any organisation that hopes to enjoy ongoing growth and success. eCommerce development simply put, has been spectacular.

As with any marketing or sales-driven strategy, the logical place to start is to define your target audience and then to determine their needs, wants, habits and lifestyles. Then on to developing a strategy to address these. The design of an eCommerce website should be no different.

Unlike traditional marketing strategies, where there is often room to experiment and improve, the online arena is different. You only get one chance with a prospective customer. Blow this and there are a host of competitors out there to take your place.

The following are some of the important issues that one must consider when the decision to develop a new eCommerce website has been made. 

Team Up With a Great Partner

Developing a brand new eCommerce website is not for the faint-hearted and probably your most important upfront decision is to find the right website design partner.

While you may be tempted to go it alone, or even to make use of your friendly freelancer web developer, the stakes are just too high. Your site will be only one of the hundreds of thousands, all vying for the attention of millions.

Specialist website design like Cliqued Media, are worth their weight in gold. They’ll guide you through the whole design process, help you to launch the site, and do all of the analysis and tweaking once up and running.

Take a Professional Approach

You’ll need to have a professional mindset and a performance culture right from the start. There is no room for mediocrity in the world of eCommerce, where one negative experience will send a prospective customer packing forever. Remember that you are showcasing not only the products that you offer but your own independent brand as an eCommerce site.

Two main criteria determine whether someone will become a loyal customer or not. Brand image and trustworthiness. It’s that simple. Having a well-designed site that is run professionally is a great start. All the more reason for using professional web designers like Cliqued Media.

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Prioritise Your Branding Strategy

Trust is everything when it comes to driving online sales!

Even experienced online shoppers can be distrustful of buying on a new site. People support brands that they perceive as being meaningful and trustworthy. That’s why the branding of your site should be a major consideration.

Decide upfront what your brand is all about and then reflect its values and personality across your website, with well-constructed design and the use of inspiring colours, strong symbols, and high-quality images.

Besides gaining trust, a great website design will help to differentiate your brand from others and to set it apart from the clutter that abounds online.

Simplify Navigation

The term ‘user experience’ cannot be understated. It’s what successful eCommerce website design is all about. It’s a positive user experience that leads to the conversion and sale of anything on a commercial website. learn more about user experience by Click This Link

Nobody wants to work hard to make a purchase. Make it easy to navigate and to search onsite and you are halfway to success. A well-designed navigation bar that channels users to the right categories or pages are a must. And the inclusion of efficiently designed filters, based on product category, product type, colours, or relevant criteria, will do the trick. learn more about great web design ideas at

Make Security Non-Negotiable

The last thing that you should be worried about when running an online business, is security issues. However, being responsible for the brand reputation and in particular your customer’s data comes with the territory. The safety of personal data and the security of customer payments are your most important consideration.

Without going into detail, there are some basics that must be continually addressed, including choosing a reputable and secure eCommerce platform upfront, regularly backing up your data, making use of professional malware scanning detection services, and using a web application firewall, to name a few. And of course, leave the payment and data processing to the experts.

These issues alone should be enough to make any budding eCommerce website operator more than happy to invest in the services of professional eCommerce website designers.

Be Responsive

Being responsive means adapting to changing times. It is no longer acceptable to design and develop your website for use on only laptop and desktop computers. More than sixty percent of website visits today are made on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and the like.

So how to address this?

Well, your professional website design company will be able to optimise your site for use on any device, no matter the screen size, or the screen resolution. It is more than worth the extra cost to ensure that the user experience is consistent across all devices and that all visual content will adapt, no matter the size required.

Consider Your Customers First

We have touched on only some of the overarching issues relating to eCommerce web design Galway and there are a lot more to address.

Perhaps start the thought process by putting yourself in the mind of your potential customer. Think of your own experiences when buying something online. Consider the negative perceptions you had when interacting with an unprofessionally designed site. And then consider how you would address these on your new site.


We all want affordable websites. Just remember that one should consider the long-term implications of any decision made upfront, with particular reference to perceived cost savings.

Experts like Cliqued Media web design Ireland will ensure that upfront investment is made in the right areas, that the site is designed to appeal to the right customers, that it is modern, responsive and relevant, that your brand is showcased appropriately and that your customers can do business onsite, safely and with peace-of-mind.

“If you pay peanuts, you will get peanuts” and the same applies to eCommerce development – it’s a matter of saving now and pay later, so be careful.

Why You Need Great Website Design

Great Website

Why You Need Great Website Design

Cliqued Media, Ireland’s leading web designers, is experiencing rapid growth, as market and consumer trends continue the move to everything online. 

Changing Consumer Behavior 

If it’s one thing that COVID has managed to do, it has been to change the way that consumers think and act, when it comes to their buying habits. Online shopping and e commerce simply called ecomm are fast replacing bricks and mortar sites, as the preferred place to shop. 

If you have been putting off addressing your current website Design development or refurbishment, then you need to act fast to create a credible and appealing online presence – starting with a responsive and appealing website!

How to Tell When You Need a New Website

It’s a no-brainer! You need to move the bulk of your marketing efforts online now to take advantage of the explosion in e marketing. This includes optimising your website presence for tangible results, sooner than later. Click here to read a good post on the importance of a website during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you still have a static and non-responsive website you need website builders in Ireland, or if you don’t have a daily focus on managing your site content, then you are already flirting with trouble in terms of your competitiveness.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do we have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place, with our website being the core focus?
  • Are we seeing an upward trend in visits to our site and subsequent conversion rates?
  • Is our website fully responsive and mobile-friendly?
  • Are we truly set up to handle e-commerce, in terms of aesthetics, speed, and security?

If you cannot answer yes to all of the above, then it’s time for a new website and you can find many good IT companies in Ireland, if you approach these companies they will analyze your requirement and give you the best possible solution at an affordable price.

Importance Of eCommerce For Your Business

Choosing Your Website Partner

A professionally developed and fully responsive website takes specialist skills and expertise. Yes, you can go the cheap route and cut corners, but this is likely to cost you big time for a host of reasons.

You should also be thinking in terms of both initial development and design, as well as the ongoing management of the site, and if you are looking for some specialized software solution like ERP Software, ERP Project Management, and even Enterprise Resource Planning System, Connected IT Consulting can be the best choice. If you do not have the resources available internally, then the management of your site, updating with quality content, answering queries and complaints, and handling technical issues can become a nightmare.  

When it comes to creating a new or refurbished site, you have a few options. There are freelancers and website builders in Ireland, who come with varying degrees of skill, but few can offer all of the technical expertise required.

Then there are the advertising agencies, many of whom have adapted to digital marketing and are not exactly digital specialists.

If it’s something special you’re after, then specialist website developers are what you’ll need. They provide web design and their digital marketing consultant can guide you about your digital marketing requirements. They are great for creating a fully integrated digital marketing strategy that works. 

Cliqued Media

Cliqued Media is Ireland’s leading website design company. They are highly rated by existing and past clients alike and will work closely with you to develop a website that reflects the latest trends in responsive design and technology. They’ll also ensure that all of your digital marketing tactics work in unison with your new website.

Specialists do cost money but think of it as a worthwhile investment in your business and consider the fact that in time, it will be more than self-funding.