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Hire Cliqued Media

Hire Cliqued Media : Online marketing has become the most competitive business environment of all, as businesses globally enter the space and e-commerce continues to grow at an alarming pace. Just having a run-of-the-mill website is no longer enough if you hope to compete on an even keel. Many companies have been caught short and find themselves lacking the necessary skills to compete.  

If your company is one of the many who are struggling to adjust, then Cliqued Media, website designers Ireland, may just be just the agency that you have been looking for. Take a look at some of the many reasons why you should consider hiring them: 

A Client Oriented Approach

Cliqued Media has been Ireland’s number one website design agency for a long time. That is because of the focus that we put on our client relations. It is not until we truly know our customers, that we can begin to help them begin to grow and to flourish. This belief is the foundation of every new project that we undertake.

Our genuine commitment to customer service shines through in every respect and is a behavior that is noticed by our clients. Take the fact that our average feedback score by current and past clients is 9.8 out of 10. This in a highly competitive industry. And a whopping 92% of our clients are happy to recommend Cliqued Media to friends and colleagues. High praise indeed from the people that we value the most. Hire Cliqued Media .    

Cutting Edge Website Design

When it comes to designing high performance websites, mediocrity does not cut it anymore. Not in the highly competitive world of ecommerce. Beautifully design and fully responsive websites are what is required, and that is what we deliver. 

Cliqued Media are certified web wizards. We attract the best designers who understand the latest in design technology and trends. They use their experience to design bespoke websites for a broad range of clients, based on specific objectives and requirements.

Finally, we’re highly attuned to the latest consumer trends, desires, and online behaviour. Our website designs are aimed at achieving the best possible user experience for all visitors to your website. 

Websites That Perform

Cliqued Media’s websites are built to perform. It’s a fact that after we have redesigned their websites, our clients achieve a 64% average revenue increase.

To be successful a website requires a set of well thought through goals and objectives that help drive performance. Cliqued Media’s web wizards work closely with clients to develop realistic and appropriate goals and objectives. We also help to identify key performance indicators that can be measured and analysed on a regular basis. 

Our analysts assist clients to understand data collected from website analytics. We provide an in-depth interpretation of the data and where applicable, advise on changes and improvements that may be required. Hire Cliqued Media.

A Strategic Mindset

Cliqued Media believes in taking a strategic approach with every new project. We don’t begin the design of a new website without first undertaking an extensive analysis of our client’s online business and involvement. 

We’ll sit down with each individual client to gain a thorough understanding of what is required and of the best way to achieve this. Then we’ll apply this knowledge to the design of their website, by including the features and level of technology that is appropriate for the individual requirements. 

If needed, Cliqued Media will help to develop an innovative digital marketing strategy to support the website, by driving traffic to the site.

Comprehensive Services

It’s a fact that no successful website is an island. Success requires a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, where the website is the flagship and where all other marketing and media platforms serve to drive traffic to the site.

As a leading website design agency in Galway Ireland, Cliqued Media are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive range of services to clients. From website design, to SEO, branding design, website maintenance and even hosting – we provide clients with a digital marketing super-support structure.  

Great eCommerce Websites

Cliqued Media love e-commerce and are motivated to design e-commerce websites that deliver great results. Our fully responsive and mobile optimized sites ensure that your business is up and running, accessible and competitive 24/7.  

When it comes to increased website traffic, higher sales conversion rates and a positive return on investment (ROI), our clients are more than happy to attest to the success of their new or refurbished websites.

And when it comes to customer safety and confidentiality on-site, we offer a range of website security and maintenance options for all requirements.  

SEO Services

It goes without saying that it is no use having a great website if nobody sees it. And probably the biggest challenge for any company is to have their website appear on the top of search engine lists. “Unseen is unsold”, as they say. 

Our search engine wizards are just the best. Since 2006, Cliqued Media’s SEO services and strategies have helped businesses of various sizes in Ireland, to ensure that they get the maximum return from their online activities. Hire Cliqued Media for Seo Services.

Our SEO strategies help our clients to get noticed online and ensure that their websites drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement. 

Committed Client Support

Modern online consumers demand access to websites and information day and night. Stability is the key. So, when it comes to online marketing, nothing gives as much peace-of-mind as knowing that your site will remain live and running 24/7.

The key to achieving reliability and happy online customers is website maintenance. Cliqued Media offer it all. Our customer service does not end with the design and implementation of a new website. 

Cliqued Media provides  regular updates, email, application and website file security, as well as backup and restoration services. Also, various add-ons, including keyword ranking, uptime monitor and performance checks. Our options include a selection of maintenance plans to suite all budgets. 


If you’re looking for website design services in Galway, Ireland, then Cliqued Media is your agency. Second best is no longer an option. We have a proven record of delivering beautifully designed websites, backed by an innovative digital marketing strategy that has delivered business growth and a positive ROI for many companies of all sizes. 



In the current global business environment, it is online marketing and ecommerce that is taking center-stage. Competition amongst brands online has become intense, and as more businesses pour money into their digital marketing strategies, it is often the standard of a company’s website design that determines success or failure. 

When it comes to designing and developing a successful website, it is worth considering partnering with a top-notch website design specialist like Cliqued Media, Galway, Ireland. 

This need not be as costly as often envisaged, because a well-designed website, backed by a sound digital strategy, will more than pay back the initial investment.

So, what can you expect when you employ the services of a professional web design agency? Have a look at the following:

Good Quality Environmental Analysis

As with any business initiative, a successful website begins with effective analysis and planning. The planning process begins with an in-depth analysis of the business environment within which your business will operate.

The online business in particular, has become highly competitive and is truly dynamic in nature. The behavior of both consumer and business buyers is changing fast and requires ongoing and in-depth understanding.

Most companies do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to truly understand the current internet environment and this is where a professional web design agency can become invaluable. Professional companies like Cliqued Media in Galway, Ireland, work closely with all of their clients, to analyse and truly understand the market and to provide quality input around the aspect of website design.

Performance Analysis

Website management does not begin and end at the design stage. 

Effective website management starts with the development of key performance indicators (KPIs), against which to measure future performance. Success depends on the ability of the owners to consistently analyze on-site performance and to make meaningful changes and improvements to the platform when required.

There are various online tools available that enable in-depth analysis. Google Analytics, which can be accessed by anyone, is just one of these. However, analysis is only effective if one has the knowledge to know what data is important, and where it can best be utilised for improvement.

Any good professional agency will furnish its clients with regular in-depth reports, quality interpretation, and meaningful suggestions of further actions to be taken. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are serious about your online business and website performance, then it is important to know that no successful website operates in a vacuum. 

Your website should be the focal point of the overall online strategy. But its success will largely depend on how well it fits into the mix with all of the other media platforms in your marketing arsenal.

Leading website design agencies like Cliqued Media, Galway, will be able to assist with the development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, where the website becomes the landing point for users, who are attracted by all the other marketing initiatives and activities. 

A competent agency will insure for instance, that all your social media platforms, emailer campaigns, paid advertising, and even traditional advertising efforts, are aimed at driving traffic to the website, where prospects can be converted into customers.     

Cutting Edge Website Design

The design and development of your website is of course the primary reason why you would consider choosing a professional website design company. Websites no longer just need to be beautiful. They must perform against objectives as well.

Website design has moved on in leaps and bounds, driven by new design technologies and aided by artificial intelligence (AI). And then there’s the aspect of aesthetics. Like fashion, website design trends move forward, ever changing in style and character. 

Consumer trends have changed and most websites these days are viewed on mobile devices. As a result, fully responsive websites are now a must have. Static websites are out. That is if you want to be successful online. 

Staying ahead of the design and technology trends takes focus and expertise, and it is only the leading professional web design companies that have the skills and expertise to keep up with developments.  

Conformance to Brand Image & Identity

If you spend enough time online, you will realise that many websites fail to accurately reflect the image and personality of the brands that they represent? And when it comes to website design, this can be a fatal flaw to any brand.

When it comes to interacting with brands, consumers are loyal creatures. People latch onto a brand because of a specific image or brand personality that they find appealing. Much like their relationships with other people. If they find that a website interface looks and feels alien to them, they will lose trust, and possibly move on to another similar brand.

Professional website designers know and appreciate this fact and will ensure that when users land on your site, they feel at home, within a trusted environment, where the images and tonality of content feel familiar. 

Top Notch SEO Ability

You may have a great looking website, but if it not seen by people online, then it is a waste of time and money. This is where the issue of search engine optimisation (SEO), comes into play. And when it comes to selecting a professional website design agency, it is a very important consideration.

Gone are the days where keywords were the main issue affecting the search engine rankings of a website. The algorithms used by the likes of Google are now highly developed and ever changing. Amateur designers would be hard pressed to keep up with the changing trends.

Your professional design agency will have the in-house knowledge to ensure that the content of your website is relevant and appealing to search engine bots, and that it helps to achieve the best possible search rankings for your website.

Ongoing Service and Support

Website maintenance is a key to ongoing success. Once your website is up and running, it demands constant attention. Content needs to be regularly generated and updated. Security must be robust. Backups and restorations need to ensure a 24/7 presence for the site. 

This is a skilled and full-time business and not many companies have the in-house resources, skills or indeed the motivation to conduct their own website maintenance programme. Professional web design agencies however, regard this as their bread and butter.

And then there is the benefit of having someone to provide an outside view of things. Of having an agency with your brand’s interest at heart, who can help to protect the brand image and reputation online. And of having a team of experts there to advise in all things online. 

It’s about peace-of-mind that comes with the ongoing service and support that only a professional web design agency can provide 


It should be clear from the above, that the benefits of using a professional and competent web design agency more than outweigh the investment required. Rather than overthinking the upfront costs, it would be wise to consider the potential cost of not doing so, for example the potential failure of your brand. 

Choosing a professional web design agency will at least give your business a more than even chance of online success

Cliqued Media, Galway, are Ireland’s number one web design ag ency. The agency has designed beautiful fully responsive websites for some of the county’s top companies. They provide a comprehensive service, across a broad section of digital marketing, including web design, branding, SEO, website maintenance and even hosting. 

Surely worth a visit to to find out how they can be of service!



Buying Websites – The cost of living is increasing around the world, and it seems like everyone is looking at ways to make a bit of extra moola. And Ireland is no exception. Cliqued Media, Ireland’s leading website design company, has seen an increase in the number of people wanting to buy existing websites and URLs as a way of making a passive income.

There are a million ways to make a passive income, but it makes sense to try and do this within a business environment where there is growth and more potential for success. The world of e commerce and website marketing is growing exponentially across the globe, and so surely online is the place to be, if you want to make an extra buck or two. 


Like all good business strategies, your business website must have a plan behind it. It is no use buying websites that are irrelevant to potential customers. At the very least you should start by:

  1. Developing a vision for the site and what it must achieve
  2. Deciding on what product or service categories you want to be involved in
  3. Identifying a target market that is economically viable and that can be reached online
  4. Finding out if there is a realistic level of need for the product or service
  5. Sourcing potential business websites that fit the bill in terms of relevance, quality, and future potential
  6. Deciding on the level of performance you desire from the site and what it will cost you to get it to the required standard
  7. Making sure that you have the knowledge and wherewithal to manage and maintain the site
  8. Ensuring that you have the budget to maintain and populate your site


The main challenges to buying business websites for passive income revolve around your personal abilities, your ongoing commitment levels and as always, affordability. Doing it half-heartedly is a no-go.

Having a website is great but remember that if it disappoints visitors in terms of speed, navigation, and all-round quality of experience, then you are on the road to nowhere. The point here is that, if you are not committed to delivering a high quality of performance and content, then you should not even consider starting off.

Then there is the small matter of your online competitors, all of whom are vying for a slice of the same pie. There is quite simply, a massive amount of competition out there. As of 2021 there were approximately 1.86 billion websites online, with 547 200 new ones being created every day. Finally, less than 400 million of these sites are actually active.

So, if you do not have the ability and experience to manage the site, are bothered by competition, or lack the focus and motivation to grind through the daily basics, then this is not for you.

Alternatively, if you are really committed, but not personally able, then you could consider hiring professional website design and maintenance agencies like Cliqued Media, Ireland to manage the sites. You may be surprised by just how affordable this can be.  


Buying the right website can be a great investment. First off however, there are a few important things that you need to review about any potential choice of website, before making a final decision. These include:

Domain Authority

Domain Authority of a website is a measurement that defines how well the site ranks in search engine results. It helps to gauge how successful a website is in the search process, based on the search engine algorithms. 

This is an important indicator, because a website ranks well in organic search results only if its overall quality of content and performance is good.  

Keyword Ranking

If a business website ranks well for relevant and correctly targeted keywords, then it should do well in attracting the right target audience and achieving sales conversion. However, websites can rank well for the wrong keywords and still drive a lot of traffic but won’t achieve any sales conversion.

Ensure that you analyse Google analytics to determine the effectiveness of any landing and other important pages.

Website Design

Any website that is poorly designed has a negative effect on people’s perceptions of the company or brand. It also leads to negative user experiences. This will directly affect the success of the website and will lead to the need for additional investment on design improvements.

Social Media Standing

Much of a website’s traffic is driven there by social media. If a website features high quality and relevant content, this will be shared on social media and visitor numbers will grow. 

You’ll need to analyse what drives people to the site and to consider whether the overall content quality can be improved on, in order to drive further growth in visitor numbers.

User demographics

The user demographics of visitors to the site are an important indicator of whether or not the website is reaching its target market. If not, you can shout from the rooftops, but the right audience will not hear the message. Google Analytics will assist you to identify exactly who is visiting the site.  


Buying a website is surprisingly easy and there are various ways that you can go about it. It depends on your individual needs and of course budget. A cursory search will reveal a selection of specialists who buy and sell websites.

Website Brokers

There are digital listing platforms who specialise in selling websites. They use website brokers, who are very much like estate agents and from them you can get a full analysis and true value of any site that you may be interested in. Some of the best examples of website brokerages include Flippa, Empire Flippers and

Buy Privately

Identify a few websites that appeal to you, do the research, ask around and then approach them to see if they have thought of selling. If you get lucky you may save money that would otherwise go to agent’s commission. Obviously, you need to know what you are doing here and have a good idea of the real value of the site.

Buy a Domain Name

You can buy a domain name from a domain registrar or hosting provider, but then you’ll have to develop the website yourself. Keep in mind that you will not own it in perpetuity but will have to renew on an annual basis. 

Also, you’ll need to be aware of possible hidden domain costs, their expiry policy, what add-on services they offer and whether the domain name can be moved without reserve of some sort.


In conclusion, buying a website or two can definitely be a source of passive income. And it does not have to take up all of your spare time. But remember that, as with all things “what you put in, is what you get out”. 

‘Passive’ income is probably a misleading word to use because you will not be able to sit back and relax while your website makes you a fortune. Rather, you will need to approach the project with focus and a high degree of motivation. Identify the right site upfront, make the correct tweaks and anything is possible.

There is no guarantee that your new website will deliver on its promise. There are definitely risks involved, in that you do need to know what you are doing. If not, try using an agency like Cliqued Media website design company, Ireland to start you off.   

Cliqued Media offer a range of affordable web development services for individuals and companies of all sizes. And then you can always decide to go on your own when you feel more competent.

2022 SEO Website Design Factors You Should Know

SEO Website Design

SEO Website Design – The Galway web design industry is continually changing. This implies that designers must be adaptable to new trends. To remain competitive, designers must stay current on web design facts and instruct their clients on them.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 fascinating factors to optimize for web design and SEO that you can find helpful during your next client job. These factors can be utilized simply as intriguing web design knowledge, in general, to discuss with your next client and help justify your value, or you may even learn something brand-new to execute!

What is SEO web design?

SEO web design involves creating websites that are optimized for search engines. A website that is SEO-friendly adheres to SEO best practices, such as delivering a mobile-friendly experience, quick load speeds, and descriptive URLs. Businesses who practice SEO website design make it easier for search engines to comprehend and rank their website in search engine results, leading to increased ranks and visitors.

Six factors to optimize for web design and SEO

Now that you’ve grasped the connection between web design and SEO let’s look at the specific areas of your site that are influenced by both and how you can optimize them for your Ireland website design projects.

  • Design

In general, your designers should choose the essential design criteria for your site. While flash sites are in trend, for now, most people stick to HTML and CSS for a good reason. Designers have a few options regarding the code used to render the primary design elements of your site.

  • Mobile-friendliness

Many Internet users are browsing websites on smartphones and other handheld devices. And the leading solution for this is responsive design, which makes your site viewable on all devices and browsers. Not only will this create a better user experience, but it will also improve your chances of scoring well now on Google.

  • Readability

While designers may concentrate on non-text parts of your site, they must select fonts and sizes that are easy for your users to read. You’ll need interesting, optimized content to rank high, and a design that looks excellent with a few text phrases will disappoint your SEO.

  • Alt tags

Optimizing alt tags is just as important as naming your images. In addition to helping search engines accurately identify images, these descriptions are visible to users when they hover over images.

  • Navigation

Among the most critical aspects of a great user experience is navigation. As a result, you should keep it basic. The more efficiently your site visitors can discover what they need, the more likely they will convert.

  • URL structure

Each page should have a URL representing the page’s content. URLs that include descriptive words will assist search engines in comprehending your pages and make them more accessible for people to recall.

Can SEO Improve Your Website Conversions?

Even if your website receives little traffic, you may increase conversions by optimizing it. Making your website SEO-friendly increases conversions by directing the correct type of traffic to your content. Longer, more valuable content strengthens the likelihood of a visitor converting. They are captivated by what you have shared because they realize the worth of what you have contributed. As a result, your chances of acquiring conversions grow as long as you give them an appealing offer.

To end it up,

The relationship between web design and SEO is complex, but we hope this page has helped to clarify it. CLIQUED media can assist you if you have any queries regarding how your site combines the two or if you are considering starting a design or overhaul project.

Our experienced team of Irish web designers and SEO specialists at our SEO web design firm would be delighted to assist you in designing a functional and visually striking site.

To learn more about our website design Ireland services, please contact us online or call 091 455 295!

Best Practices & Guidelines For Exceptional Web Design !

Exceptional Web Design

Best Ireland exceptional web design services — It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics when building or revamping a website. Nevertheless, in a world where people have access to over 1.8 billion websites, you must ensure that yours is more than simply a friendly face. It should be designed for usability, ease of use, user experience (UX), and how entertaining it is to interact with your website.

You may spend years learning the intricacies of these subjects. Still, as a starting point, we’ve compiled a list of the essential standards and best practices you can apply to your next web design Ireland makeover or launch.

Let’s have a glance!

Guidelines: web design Galway

  • Simplicity

Simplicity regularly ranks high in exceptional web design and is unquestionably one of the most crucial aspects to consider. Most visitors visit a website with a specific goal, such as taking action or gathering information. As a result, ensuring that those goals are met is critical to the success of a website.

  • Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is concerned with the arrangement and organization of various website elements. Using a visual hierarchy in your website design will naturally guide your users through the website to perform the intended action. You can use a visual scale to focus your visitors’ attention on specific characteristics by first modifying the position, color, or size of select items.

  • Navigability

You must plan and implement intuitive navigation to help visitors locate what they are looking for on your website. It should not give visitors too much time to consider where to click next. The transitions should be as simple as possible, or they will likely leave your website. To accomplish this, keep your leading labels and navigation location consistent across all pages. It also contributes to the design’s uniformity.

  • Accessibility

You design a website for others, not for yourself; among those others are persons with disabilities or restrictions. These constraints have an impact on their browsing experience. As a result, the goal of adding online accessibility is to create a website that anyone can utilize. Accessibility does not apply to a single element; it relates to all site aspects such as structure, page formats, graphics, content, and more.

  • Responsivity

According to a study, 93% of people abandon a website due to an incorrect display on their device. A responsive website is very adaptable; that is, it can automatically adjust to the size of the device being used by your visitors. You can achieve this by using mobile-friendly HTML templates or creating a dedicated mobile site. In addition, test the responsiveness of your website on several browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Etc.

  • Credibility

Following web norms also aids in the development of trust for the website. Aside from exceptional web design  , trustworthiness is heavily dependent on how trustworthy your material is. Another helpful idea is to link to and provide important content on the homepage rather than pushing them to contact you for more information. This gives firms a more authentic appearance.

Best practices: web design Galway

  • Typeset your content in a way that’s easy to read and skim.
  • Make sure your color scheme reflects your brand.
  • Make text and other elements stand out with white space.
  • Put texture to work to create a sense of depth and personality.
  • Make your readers more engaged and inform them with images.
  • Navigate your website more easily.
  • Be sure to make your call-to-actions stand out.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices.
  • Provide users with fewer options.

Let the leading Galway web design agency handle it for you!

Your website must appeal to your target audience and represent your organization and its values. The UX principles can be a critical pillar in developing a website that makes your visitors feel thrilled and accomplished.

Another effective method is to sit in the shoes of your website visitors and analyze them for yourself. This can lead to many innovative ways to improve the website’s usability and make it more user-friendly.

Take all these ideas and methods into account, and you’ll be well on creating a terrific website with outstanding features. Meanwhile, you can always rely on CLIQUED media for expert website design Ireland services.

Get in touch with us to get started!


Cliqued Media, website design agency, Ireland, have been at the forefront of ecommerce website design for many years. As Ireland’s leading web design wizards, we’ve seen ecommerce website design trends come and go, driven by changing consumer needs and online behaviour. 

As consumers become more sophisticated in their online usage and expectations, so to do the design trends. And it is particularly in the area of ecommerce that websites are having to quickly adapt and improve. 

Massive online competition is now the order of the day for almost every organisation. And there is no room for complacency when it comes to ensuring that your ecommerce platform delivers on expectations. 

When it comes to designing innovative and industry leading websites, artificial intelligence (AI) is the great enabler, giving designers the ability to deliver a seamless, rewarding, and enjoyable on-site experience for users. 

Finding website design agencies that fully embrace the new design technologies and are competent in them, has become a pre-requisite. That’s if you want your company to get noticed online and to compete on an even keel, in the world of ecommerce. 

What we do know, is that the ever-changing trends and the competition for consumer’s attention online, is driving website designers to new heights, enabling them to develop websites that are both remarkable in their design and performance, and effective in delivering the quality experiences demanded by users. 


To understand website design trends, one must first understand the trends that relate to online customers. As previously noted, trends are driven by changing user behaviour and demands. Consider the following few salient pointers:


Online Buyers are Becoming Better Informed

Today’s consumers are better informed. Information is freely available to them from a myriad of sources. Anything can be Googled. They also have free access to the opinions of their friends and peers on social media and forums. In fact, in many cases a prospective customer may be even more knowledgeable about a product than the marketer or sales people that promote it. 

Users are Becoming More Security Aware

While trust has always been a major issue, people are becoming more accustomed to purchasing online and more trusting of credible e commerce sites. We highlight the word ‘credible’. However, a significant number of visitors to ecommerce websites are newbys. That is, they may be buying online for the first time and naturally suspicious of releasing personal information.  

Online Users Now Desire Instant Gratification

Why wait for something when you can get instant gratification? This is the mindset of the modern online customer. When people visit an ecommerce site, chances are they have done their research and want to take some action in a simple and seamless manner. And they want to be able to do this from anywhere, 24/7.

Website Visitors Demand a Positive Experience

The stakes are high for an ecommerce site. Online customers are fickle. From speed of loading, to ease of navigation, quality of content and a hassle-free purchase, they demand it all. And if their on-site experience is disappointing, then they will be away at the click of a mouse. Off to competitor sites. 

Ecommerce Customers Need More Recognition

By recognition we mean that modern customers demand to be recognised, respected, and appreciated for their interest and loyalty. It comes at a price. The price involves having the ability to interact with customers on-site and to be able to personalise their experience wherever possible. 


Many of the current website design trends relate to the more technical aspect of website design and are too complicated for the average mortal to understand. However, the following is a shortlist of some of the more salient design trends that relate to the abovementioned consumer aspects.


Highly Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is basically, an approach to the creation of web page design. The result is flexible page layouts and images that react to the different screen sizes. So, whether a user visits a website on a smart phone, laptop, or tablet (no matter the brand), the page image will automatically adapt. This helps to provide users with the good quality on-site experience that they demand.

More Mobile Friendly Design

About 68% of visits to ecommerce websites globally are now conducted on smart phones. If your ecommerce website is not designed to be mobile friendly, then you are on the road to nowhere. Being mobile friendly, means that you can cater to consumer demand for instant accessibility, and the ability to make a purchase 24/7. A no-brainer if ever there was one.   

Faster Loading Speeds

The latest web designs cater for high-speed loading. Lightning speed that is. Research has shown that anything more than three seconds, will send your impatient potential customer scurrying off to another website.

Remember that the more bells and whistles your site has, the slower it will load. And consider the vital fact that search engines now regard loading speed as a very important factor, that directly influences your websites search results.

AI Enhanced Design

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to greatly enhance the design of websites and the features that can be offered on-site. It is AI that has allowed designers to greatly improve the user experience and ability to personalise it.  

Some of these include voice-activated interfaces, that allow users to interact with a website using their voice, chatbots, that are becoming more sophisticated by the day, 24/7 interaction and the ability to personalise individual search. 

Vertically Aligned Menus

Along with responsive websites, has come the development of vertical aligned menus. Unlike traditional horizontal menus, these adapt well for use on narrow cell phone screens. This makes for a more efficient guide for cell phone users. It gives designers a more practical way of providing a seamless and enjoyable on-site navigation experience.  

Innovative Layout

Part of providing users with an interesting and enjoyable experience is being able to include an element of surprise. And using unconventional layouts has become a way of differentiating websites from the traditional. When combined with high quality content, special imagery and animated effects, an unconventional interface layout can help to increase the number of visitors, encourage more interaction, and improve the time spent on-site.

Synergy Between Digital and Physical

As business models change, companies are finding ways to create more synergy between their ecommerce sites and physical entities. All of this to try and streamline the customer experience. 

Ecommerce sites and apps are now commonly used to make the customer’s journey more seamless and convenient. For example, customers can now search and view information on a company’s products or services, book appointments and even pay via the website or app. They can then visit the physical store to secure the product, or to enjoy the service provided. Finally, after-sales service and advice can also be provided via the website or app.  

ECommerce Going Green

As consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and services grows, so does the role that ecommerce website design plays in this phenomenon. Changing a distribution model from physical to online, allows businesses the opportunity to align with consumers and commit towards societal welfare and the environment. 

Shopping online has no boundaries. It can be done from anywhere. In many cases, it alleviates the need for travel and lowers the environmental impact. Ecommerce environmental benefits can be found in distribution efficiencies, lower staff requirements and packaging to name a few. 

More and more ecommerce websites are incorporating green-related content and promoting green products and services as a constructive promotional strategy. 

Evolution of Design

Design principles and aesthetics plays a major role in how an ecommerce website interface is perceived by users. The general layout, colours and fonts have a direct effect on overall image perceptions. 

Website design is moving on from complex layouts and strong overpowering colours. The developing trend is towards that of simple and uncluttered design, even down to the level of monochromatic web design. This stands to reason, as companies seek to showcase their products in online catalogues and the like.   


As highlighted, the above are only a few of the many new website design trends evolving in the ecommerce environment. Having a new website designed and deciding on what features to include, can be rather daunting for the average person, and even for the budding website designer.

We suggest that you first consider what the main objectives of the website will be, and the role that it will play in your overall marketing strategy. From there you could set about determining an appropriate budget and simply work from there.

Of crucial importance is the website design agency Galway that you choose to take you forward into the ever-evolving world that is ecommerce website design. Using professional designers like Cliqued Media, Ireland will ensure that the latest trends are reflected in your design, as well as cutting edge design technology. It will also serve to enhance your corporate image as well as sales growth and the bottom line.

Why is E-Commerce Web Design So Psychologically Appealing?

E-Commerce Web Design So Psychologically Appealing

E-Commerce Web Design with psychology is a valuable tool. Companies are increasingly analyzing how their clients think and act to customize their offerings.

With enormous power, however, comes great responsibility. You must grasp the impacts of the psychological strategies you utilize in your designs; otherwise, you risk irritating people and sending them to the competitors.

It’s a broad topic, particularly in the context of e-commerce. To help you start, we spoke with ten professionals from various fields, including website design Ireland, content design, online performance, email marketing, and more.

  • Don’t get caught up in features; focus on ‘benefits’

The psychology of selling demonstrates that users and consumers are primarily self-centered. Users aren’t visiting your site to hear you talk about all your product’s great features; they’re there to find out what you can accomplish for them. Provide them with compelling promotional copy.

  • Reduce anxiety in users by making it all about them

It’s challenging to get and be the first to shake it. Web designers can get around this by appealing to the crowd’s impulse. People don’t want to be outliers when spending their money. Give testimonials a prominent place on your eCommerce site to let customers know they’re not alone. Testimonials personalize the product and help potential customers feel like they are part of a well-established movement. 

  • Bring the user’s anxiety to the fore now

Per user experience guidelines, you should avoid making consumers nervous at all costs. But what if customers are compelled to purchase your stuff straight away? ‘Positive urgency’ is thus critical in instilling “a sense of urgency.” The perception of scarcity, or the perception of scarcity, drives sales. For example, an email with “offer valid only for today!” will entice shoppers.

  • Focus the user’s attention on real people

Users have been proven to focus on human faces on a website and identify the emotional state of the face instantaneously. UI Designers may capitalize on this trend by placing faces near crucial action buttons. They can also bring the user’s attention to your action button. Oh, there’s an action button! What a stroke of luck.

  • Refine your offer and simplify the user journey

Your E-Commerce Web Design site most likely has many fantastic deals and several navigation channels. However, interfaces with confusing user flows can turn off even the most ardent consumer. Apply the Law of Simplicity instead of complicated interfaces with various navigation pathways. The general web design rule states that customers “prefer basic, clear, and organized objects.” These things feel safer to me. They require less time to comprehend and provide fewer potentially harmful shocks.”

To conclude,

Shopping has always been a physical experience. Angles, edges, weight, fit, and feel are all important! Familiarity via web design Galway and display size is critical in the absence of presence. An eCommerce website should provide a friendly paradigm consisting of large displays, simple navigation, and more lifelike pictures. And regardless of how consumer behavior evolves, companies should prioritize building closer relationships with their online consumers. Businesses can optimize sales only via trust and the search for facts concealed behind small print and disclaimers.

Count on the skilled designers at CLIQUED media, a company specializing in Galway web design!

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Your Client’s New Website: The Big Reveal

New Website: The Big Reveal

New Website design IrelandWhile this is a joyful event, it can also be highly nerve-racking for the whole construction team. Website construction requires weeks (if not months) of hard labor, so what happens if your customer dislikes the finished product?

How do you solve the problem? Is there anything your team could have done differently to avoid receiving unfavorable criticism in the first place?

The answer to these questions is straightforward: good communication is the key to a successful web design Galway reveal. Account teams and web designers may struggle to identify what needs to be conveyed.

Fortunately, our staff has years of expertise in navigating this process, so we can assist you in understanding how to prepare for your client’s website launch properly.

Pre-launch preview of the website!

Even before the big day hits, it’s critical that you schedule many meetings with your customer throughout the process of Ireland website design. Keep the following suggestions in mind while you do this to ensure the reveal is as effective as possible:

1 – Plan a meeting or screenshare Never provide your customer a link and give them free rein to visit a website in its early phases of development. You may choose what the customer should focus on and at what stage by scheduling an in-person appointment or screen sharing. This will keep you from being inundated with irrelevant comments on elements of the site that are still in the works.

2 – Provide a rationale for your designAscertain that your customer knows why you selected specific design elements and how they connect to their early design requirements. This will demonstrate to your customer that you are carefully listening to their problems and seeking acceptable answers. It also helps you to focus on crucial parts that should be focal points for the construction.

3 – Establish client feedback expectationsClients frequently wish to provide feedback in a single appointment. Make it clear to them that this is not that meeting. Conversely, this is the moment to focus on specific parts early to avoid undesirable features making it into the final product. Your customer must know your objectives for this meeting to check the agreement on the original Galway web design approach.

It’s Reveal Time!

When you believe the website is ready to show off the finished product, it’s time to plan the big reveal. This review allows you to highlight what wasn’t functioning in the prior version, making them more eager to see what you’ve done to fix it.

1 – Helping Clients Navigate Their WebsitesEnsure to highlight the main components defined in your client’s initial project requirements during the reveal meeting. Ascertain that they are aware of the location of these critical characteristics so that they may be satisfied that their requirements have been met. Showcase more components you introduced into the final Irish website design that better correspond with the project goals as you progress around the website. This demonstrates to your customer that you not only listened to their original demands but also discovered methods to exceed them.

2 – Keeping the conversation on trackThe purpose of this meeting is to determine how satisfied your clients are with the end product, but it’s not the time to get too into the details. If your chat begins to veer into the granular, remind them that you may address more delicate aspects and essential adjustments later.

What’s Next Following A Client’s Website Presentation?

Following your reveal, measure your client’s reaction and identify areas of concern that may require improvement. Maintain a high level of feedback throughout the reveal meeting, outlining the following steps for how you intend to accept remarks or adjustments and resolve any concerns.

Experts at CLIQUED media suggest communicating with your customer on how you want them to offer thorough input on certain design/functionality parts and set up follow-up meetings to go through changes together.

Treat these follow-up sessions like you did during the early website design Ireland process, focusing on individual components rather than gathering overall comments.

Ireland Website Design Toolkit For Clients: Everything You Need!

Ireland Website Design

Ireland Website Design – Generally, the Galway web design process begins with conceptualising samples, concepts, and color themes. As inventive as the technique, it can also be tediously repetitious. You’ll want to pick a specialised tool to fit your demands based on these aspects.

That is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 selections for the finest web design Ireland tools. 

Take a look!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud provides you with all the tools you need to create almost anything in the digital world. It includes over 20 desktop and mobile design, web, UX, photography, and other tools. Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, XD, and Acrobat DC are all included. This offers you access to the resources you need from the world’s largest design community to build as complicated a website as you desire. It provides various price options and packages to accommodate everyone’s demands.


Bootstrap is one of the world’s most popular front-end open source website design toolkits. SASS variables, mixins, and a dynamic and user-friendly grid system are all included. Bootstrap is completely free to use for both personal and commercial uses. When the non-existent price tag of Bootstrap is combined with its excellent functionality, it becomes one of the top web page design software options. However, because Bootstrap is not as straightforward to use as the other tools on our list, some coding skill is required.


InVision is a well-regarded website design tool that allows you to swiftly create and manage any aspect of your website. It’s jam-packed with easy-to-use yet powerful features. You can create stunning ideas using excellent prototypes, brainstorming, and workflow tools. There is no need to download large files or go through a time-consuming installation procedure because the platform is web-based. All you need to do is sign up and begin utilizing the tool.


Figma is a good solution for small to medium-sized teams working on website development. The most prominent feature is its ability to create a scalable design system, which is effectively a wireframe that can be used, expanded, and reused. It has all the essential web design tools you’d expect from design software like Figma and some distinguishing qualities like the Arc tool and Vector Networks.


Canva is a popular option for budding web designers and businesses looking to enhance their visual design talents. It’s an easy-to-use tool with a simple graphical user interface. Its simplicity makes it ideal for people with less design experience, and its features make it a good alternative for those with more advanced skill sets. The application is free for corporate and personal use, although a pro version is available. Because several free educational materials are available, mastering this program is straightforward.

Overall it may be said,

Creating and developing a website aren’t straightforward undertakings, but with the website design Ireland software options outlined above, you will have a terrific and compelling time doing it.

CLIQUED media has chosen all of these resources for your website-building needs. Regardless of your past website development or coding skills. If you require a website, you will discover a tool to meet your specific requirements. These tools can help you enhance your web design Galway skills and create a beautiful and functioning website.

Do you seek support? Our highly skilled Irish web designers are available to assist you with your project concept.

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The Best Minimalist Fonts To Enhance Your Web Design!

Minimalist Fonts

Minimalist Fonts – No matter what type of design you’re working on, a great font will help you round out your minimalist design and bring all elements together harmoniously. There is no shortage of high-quality fonts available for purchase online, but if you look around, you might be able to find a great free font and save some money on your project. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best free minimalist fonts that would look great in any minimalist Ireland website design.

Examine the entire set and add these fonts to your design toolbox.

What is a minimalist fonts ?

Minimalist fonts are distinguished by their large lettering and strongly legible, modern appearance. Because minimalism is an aesthetic, these fonts can take on a variety of shapes and forms. There is no single look that defines them!

Below are a few pointers on how to use minimalist fonts in your Galway web design:

  • To improve your lettering and layout, use negative space (or white space).
  • For concise and clear messaging, prioritize legibility and enlarge letters.
  • Space your letters (or increase kerning) to achieve an airy look.
  • Eliminate any other design elements that are distracting.

Ruling minimalist fonts for uncluttered design

Let us explore the zen world of minimalist fonts! We’ll assist you in locating the ideal font for your minimalist logo or website design Ireland project.

1 – Eros – (Minimal Serif Font)

Eros is an excellent typeface designed according to current design trends. It is ideal for a variety of professional purposes. It embodies minimalism and classiness, and it can be used for almost any design project under the sun.

2 – Tessan Sans – (Modern Minimal Font)

This font’s letter design is very contemporary, making it ideal for website headers and bold title designs. Although it is not entirely minimal, the font has a clean appearance that will work well with almost any professional design.

3 – Mango – (Free Geometric Minimal Font)

This free minimal font is available for download and use in both personal and commercial projects. The font has a very imaginative and minimal letter design that is perfect for poster designs.

4 – Nano – (Free Futuristic Clean Font)

This font also has an excellent futuristic design. It comes with a set of clean letters and numbers. It is free to use for both individual and business projects.

5 – Halton – (Clean Sans Serif Font)

Halton is a simple font with a simplified letter design. It has a simple yet elegant design for business cards and logos. The font is available in four weights and four italic styles. It is appropriate for both headings and body text.

6 – Groningen – (Creative Minimalist Font)

This is the one to use if you need a clean font to design titles for a corporate brochure or flyer. It has a simple design with subtle stylistic elements that give it a unique appearance. It also includes weights ranging from light to heavy.

7 – Alma Sans – (Professional Minimal Font)

Alma Sans is a highly professional font that can be used to create anything from PowerPoint slideshows to professional marketing materials, reports, and much more. Unlike any other font on our list, it has a modern and sleek appearance with rounded edges.

8 – Ace Sans – (Professional Minimal Font Family)

Ace Sans is a professional font family suitable for use in business and branding designs. It includes eight fonts in various weights. It’s ideal for everything from logo designs to brochures and posters, among other things.

9 – Rejova – (Free Sans-serif Font)

Rejova is an excellent option if you’re looking for a versatile font that can be used for almost any purpose. It has a refined, adaptable design that complements any branding or packaging material.

10 – Milano – (Retro-Futuristic Minimal Font)

Milano is an all-caps font with a retro-contemporary style. It’s intended for titles and headings only. To give it a professional look and feel, the font letters are specifically designed with consistent bar heights and sharp edges.


When it comes to font ideas, you have plenty of options, just like with themes and plugins. Web-safe fonts are a fantastic place to start when choosing a web design Galway agency, with free serif, sans serif, monospace, and even cursive fonts readily accessible. The right fonts distinguish your brand, improve understandability, and support your statement. Make an informed decision!

Save time and costs and maximize site performance with CLIQUED media. We are a web design agency based in Ireland with a hands-on experience of more than a decade! 

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