Updates, Security and BackUps for your WordPress Website for as little as €24.90 per month!

For stability and security online Cliqued Media provide a professional all encompassing service including keeping your website up-to-date, robust security and fail-safe backup and restore ensuring you’re online 24/7

What We Provide

WordPress Updates

Keep your website moving along with continuous updates. We will provide monthly updates to the core WordPress CMS, plugins and themes. We ensure that all updates do not break the website look, feel or functionality. Available on: UpdatesSecurity +BackUp +

Email Security

We will check if your website or servers are sending or referenced in spam emails. If your are caught by spam filters, many email programs will ignore mails sent by your site, which means that you will not be able to reach your customers.

Available on:Security +BackUp +

File Change Security

With Our deep FTP scans, we will be instantly alerted of any changes that have been made to your files, so that we can stay on top of all activity happening on your website and catch unauthorized edits before they cause any damage.

Available on:Security +BackUp +


We perform daily backups of your website and database. These backups are stored safely on an AWS server with AES-256 bit key encryption for 90 days.

Available on:BackUp +

Website File Security

We use outside-in and inside-out FTP scans to screen all your files daily and identify security loopholes or malware injections. We not only identifies threats, but also fix them instantly before they can hurt your web presence

Available on:Security +BackUp +

Application Security

We scan all applications like blogs, shopping carts etc. for known vulnerabilities, which hackers exploit to attack your website. We will examine these gaps and inform you of upgrades to ensure your are running safe software on your site.

Available on:Security +BackUp +

Search Engine Blacklists

We monitor blacklists of search engines and checks their database of 7,000+ malware sites, to ensure that your site is not linked to them or blacklisted. This way, we help protect and boost your organic rankings and traffic.

Available on:Security +BackUp +


If anything was to happen your website files or database you are safe in the knowledge that we can fully restore your website from any one of your 90 days backups. We can also restore individual files if a full restore is not necessary.

Available on:BackUp +

Maintenance Plans

These plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the majority of our customers. You can choose between monthly or annual plans.



22.90/ Monthly
  • Core CMS Updates
  • Template Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Updates
  • -

Backup +

34.90/ Monthly
  • All Other Features
  • Daily Website Bakup
  • Daily Database Bakup
  • Full Website Restore
  • Individual file restore

*Plans are charged as a subscription service. All plans can be cancelled at any time giving a 14 day notice period.

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