Does Your Website Need Expert for Web Design Services?

Is your website truly achieving the objectives that you set out for it? If not, you should be making website design a primary focus for 2022.

Cliqued Media, Galway Ireland is adamant, “Having an effective website, that delivers on its business objectives, has never been more important for your company – no matter what the size of the business or the market that you are in”.

Given the saturation of websites globally, your chances of attracting potential customers to your site, and then converting these to sales, has become a challenge. This makes effective website design a key focus area for most savvy marketers.

Before you allocate responsibility for developing your new site (or even decide to try it on your own), give thought to the following criteria and considerations, that determine the future success, or failure of any website.


Professional web design services is the crux of an effective company website. It determines the quality of the on-site experience for visitors. Get this wrong and you will struggle to attract new visitors, to convert visits to sales, and most importantly, to gain loyal repeat customers.

If you’re thinking of a quick fix for your current website, or using a cut and paste template, read on. You may be persuaded to save the business a lot of frustration, and added expense along the way, by entrusting the job to Cliqued Media, Galway Ireland, a professional web design services agency:

The following are the minimum requirements, if you want visitors to be attracted to and interact on your site, in today’s online environment:

  • Design quality – design standards must mirror the same brand that people experience on a physical level. All design elements on the interface should reflect the brand image, identity, personality, and tonality of the real thing.
  • Responsive mobile friendly design – meaning that your web design should be adaptable to most popular devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets and any other mainstream display device.
  • Quality of content – the quality of both visual and written content must be of the highest standard. Consistently. Content also needs to be interesting and relevant to the target market.
  • Seamless navigation – navigation around the site needs to be as seamless and hassle-free as possible. There must be a logical flow to the information that visitors are searching for.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – if you want your company to appear at the top of any Google or other search in its category, then your site and its contents need to be search engine optimised. Strategically and professionally, that is. 

eCommerce optimization – if you sell products online, you’ll need your site to deliver effective product search, quality product related content, seamless transaction facilities and kick-ass security.


Ongoing technical maintenance and support at the back end, is the key to a successful website. It is the engine room that keeps things running smoothly and requires a high level of expertise. Some considerations here include:

  • Content management systems – content management system software, allows for creating, managing and constantly improving the customer experience.
  • Analytics and interpretation – entail continually collecting and analysing customer related data, used to measure and benchmark website performance against KPIs.
  • Maintenance and security – keeping customer information secure is the focus area, as is making sure that the website is healthy, and performing to its potential.
  • Website hosting – choosing the most appropriate website host to suite the particular requirements for your site will benefit all performance areas of your site across-the-board.


Great websites cost money. But you need to measure the cost against the loss of loyal and potential customers, caused by an unprofessional and poorly performing site.

The negative effect of a badly designed website on customers is immeasurable because it directly affects brand perception. Once someone has had a bad enough on-site experience, they are usually lost forever. And this excludes the potential opportunities that your company may be missing out on along the way.

Yes, there are cut-and-paste website options available online. But considering what we’ve discussed, it’s a no-brainer that investing in a website that is professionally designed and maintained by a company like Cliqued Media, Galway Ireland, is a pre-requisite for success in today’s Internet-based world.

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