7 Ways to Know When to Fire Your SEO Agency

How to use SEO Agency effectively 

Every business relationship has a beginning and end. So, it is with you and your SEO agency. In reality, business grows and changes, and when that happens, your SEO agency might lose the capacity to keep your business floating on the pool of the overwhelming competition.

In most cases, some SEO agencies know what to do to skyrocket your business to the top of every search list. But they might not know how to keep it relevant or drive the expected results to profit your company.

Meanwhile, business is about profit. And, when it is no more coming, it is expected that you take a radical step to ensure your people worldwide get to know what you are doing. In the same vein, when you start to notice that your SEO consultants can no longer deliver as expected, it is time to fire them.

So how do you know it is time to end the relationship between you and your SEO agency? Here are seven proven ways to learn.

1- If Search Engine Optimisation services start to load you with extra bills

Of course, quality Search Engine Optimization might require you to pay a significant amount of money, but it doesn’t have to affect your profits in the long run. Any SEO help that wants to drain your business in the name of delivering an excellent result is a scam.

Traditionally, reputable SEO agencies don’t charge as the work. In most cases, they would have prepared the estimate from the start with the details of how they plan to use the money throughout their processes.

Hence, when your SEO consultants start to demand extra pay along the line, there’s a huge possibility that they are trying to extort you. The constant demand for money doesn’t guarantee excellent results. In that case, you might want to put an end to the contract at this juncture.

2- If local SEO propose to charge you for other marketing strategies

Search Engine Optimization is not an isolated activity. Ideally, a good SEO campaign involves website design, content write-ups, PR activities, and technical considerations.

Also, press mentions, social media, and PPC are vital in every SEO practice as they help build your online reputation and visibility. Hence, every SEO project must integrate these marketing strategies in the contract, which you will sign and pay once.

When it happens that your local SEO makes a proposition asking you to fund some of the marketing mentioned above strategies as an isolated activity, you need to stand up against the act.

3- If SEO services claim they have Google insider

At some point, your local SEO agency might start to claim they have an insider at Google who will help you fix a particular problem or fast-track a specific process. If they say that, don’t believe it. It can only be another way of getting money from you.

You need to understand that no SEO service has the precise judgment of how SEO works no matter how long they’ve been in the process. Even if your agency has been in operation for several years, I can guarantee you that they wouldn’t know how the Google algorithm works.

4- If SEO services companies start to fail in their communication schedule

Even if you hire the best SEO agency globally, you can’t make a better business partner if there is no solid communication between you two. Reputable SEO agencies have a well-planned communication schedule to keep their clients informed about the progress of their SEO efforts.

Good communication between you and your professional SEO agency will keep you updated, giving you a sense of involvement. And, from experience, when SEO agencies start to produce shabby results, the first thing they do is call off the communication to block you out for the moment.

Hence, when you discover that your best SEO agency no longer feeds you with the information about the entire process, you can no longer hold them accountable. At that juncture, it is better to call them to order and if the act persists, fire them.

5- If Digital Marketing Agency is using your content to promote their company

You need to watch the practices of your digital marketing agency carefully. Don’t be surprised that some SEO agencies use their clients’ content to improve their online presence. It might not gladden your heart, but it happens.

Ensure that you have access to every detail of your SEO specialists before you agree to work with them. that way, you will know if they have been diverting your paid SEO efforts to elevate their brand online. Don’t let your agency convince you that using your project to improve your business is necessary. When you notice or hear that, you have to fire them.

6- SEO services uploading Poor quality content on your site

Even if you don’t know how SEO works, you must identify good website content when you see one.

In case you don’t know, it is the responsibility of your SEO services provider to create engaging and persuasive content that can organically convert readers to customers. And, when they fail, it shows that they are not as competent as they claim.

Hence, you need to constantly check your website pages to check the quality of the content they put up there. If you feel they are up to the standard, you are free to ask them to stop whatever they are doing and hire another agency.

7- SEO company is not asking you for anything

You have already known that your SEO company is your business partner. In that light, if they are not asking for anything, it’s a big problem. That is why I earlier mentioned the importance of communication.

No matter how good your SEO company could be, they would still need to do some things on your end to complement the SEO efforts. An ideal partnership requires constant contribution from both partners. So if your SEO experts are not asking you to do anything from your end, they are not doing anything at all.

Final Words

No rule says you cannot fire your SEO agency when you are no longer satisfied with what they are doing with your business. If you notice the above-listed signs in your SEO agency and you continue to work with them, you might lose not only your money but also your business.

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