How to Storyboard Your Web Site

How to Storyboard Your Web Site

When someone wants to learn how to storyboard a website, he or she can find a lot of information about it on the internet, there are lot of videos available on YouTube that can teach you how to properly storyboard a website.

What is Website Storyboarding 

It’s the blueprint of a website. It is a straightforward and simple tool that can be utilized to showcase the elements of the website on one single page i.e. images, banners, navigation, graphics, and the website contents. It is the best approach for showcasing project details to the website design team and to the clients in a visual way.

By using it, the presentation of the information becomes fairly simple, especially when you consider how much less text is needed for it. As new technologies always are being adopted by site developers for easing the web designing process, old techniques are becoming obsolete.

Nowadays, it’s becoming very popular among web developers. Is an amazing application that web designers are using for visualizing their website design concepts.

The Purpose of the Storyboard can be Split up into Three Main Steps

1) To draw an outline of the website in a visual way that you can show it to your customers
2) Identifying the elements that you should place on every page of the website.
3) It shows the navigational structure of the website, it shows the information flow of the website and it also shows how the user will interact with the website

Generate the layout with few Clicks

With this amazing tool, you can actually visualize the entire web site and your web pages, you do not need a professional graphic designer for your website to layout its visual representation you can easily do it with few mouse clicks, there are amazing software tools and application available on the internet that can help you design your web sites visual layout very easily, this will help you visualize your website look and feel.

You can easily visualize the navigation structure of your website, which is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization and it can help your site better rank in SERP.

Storyboarding Website

How to storyboard a Web page is really quite easy to grasp once you have some training. The actual drawing of the website is the next step and this is where most people’s problems tend to occur. It is often the case that the site designer has little or no experience with the job and he or she winds up making a mistake while drawing the website.

An easy way to ensure that it all flows smoothly and is easy to navigate is to graphical represent the Web site.

Storyboarding Website Design Benefits

There are many benefits of visually presenting your website as part of the web design process. One benefit is that the visual elements of the website will be in place before the user has even clicked on the mouse.

It helps prevent changes due to user error from getting pushed back into the production process. It also helps minimize the possibility of having to redraw something that looks off in the final project. In the long run, you can actually see the images, site navigation, menu structure, content pages, and the overall layout plan of your website design.

Storyboarding Web Design

Website graphical representation helps your design team to visually view your website design concept and it also helps to design your website with your site visitors in mind, as you are designing the website for your site visitors to read and like your contents, if you ignore your site visitors needs than your website design can be a total failure.

You always have to keep your site visitors’ needs first in your mind, you can easily share your website concept visually with your team members. Visualizing sharing concepts with your team members can make things crystal clear.

What it means to Storyboard a Website and the Best Practices

It is a visual representation of the website, it shows which information goes to which page of the site, it also shows you the proper site navigation, website storyboard shows a clear navigation structure of your site, let’s say you are on some inner page of the site, storyboard website should clearly show you how you will move to the homepage of your website or some other inner page of your site.

Below are a few of the best practices that are mainly required for web site storyboarding

1) First step is the collection of all the information that will be required for your website, it includes text, images, videos, and all the helping material.
2) Converting the collected information into categories, You should start these categories from broad categories and then narrow them down into sub-categories.
3) Make a clear plan for website contents, page titles, heading, and subheadings.
4) It’s time to structure your information, there are many storyboard software and apps available online both free and paid that can help in making storyboard sketches based on your collected information.
5) Make the menu structure that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. There are many professional storyboard template available online from which you can take help, or you can hire a professional storyboard creator for your project as it’s the foundation that will hold your website building.
7) Testing the Layout. Ask someone to test the layout by imagining that he is navigating the real site, if he cannot easily navigate then revise the layout
At “cliqued media we always storyboard websites” so that our clients get exactly what they need.

Storyboarding Web

The layout that is created using this tool will often times be much easier to implement than an HTML layout and storyboarder can help you draw the perfect visualizing of your website concept by storyboarding web.

This is because most of the visual elements will already be in place when the layout is created. All that is left is adding the images that will go with it and ensuring that the layout flows as smoothly as possible.

In the case of the website design process, it can also help the designers and customers focus on the final product instead of being distracted by the layout, as the website layout plays a vital role in the success of any website, visual layout helps in designing the user-friendly website design, which is easy to navigate and easy to grasp content pages by the site’s visitors.

If you use HTML, you may need to learn some tricks to create the right menu structure for implementing the mock-ups. The problem with it is that the wrong code may get embedded in the final product and will not be readable for the viewer.

In the case of mockup layouts, they are easy to make and grasp. Another issue is that many people think that there are not many tools available for the non-techies, however, there are many tools that are easy to use and are easily available on the net.

Some of the non-technical people may not know how to create mockups and therefore, need to outsource it to a professional who can deal with it. There are many freelance designers who can do custom storyboards at a nominal price so that site owners can visualize the final product that will fit their needs.

The way that they do it is by using a special software program. This is a simple software program that allows them to just drag and drop the items in the scene and they can see it in 3D.

A basic layout just takes a few minutes to build by website builders, but it can save you tons of time, if you need a professional designer, we at Cliqued Media Ireland website design agency can help you design a professional graphical representation or your site, that is easy to grasp by your customers and easy to reach at the end of the funnel. Get in Touch with us for professional storyboarding, website designing, digital marketing, and SEO, we have a dedicated team of professionals who can fulfill all your website design and marketing needs under one roof.

Visualizing your Final Product

If you are looking to hire a professional for your web design process, then story board help is important to you. You want to be able to visualize your final product and you want to look at the finished work instead of just seeing the basic layout.

Using story board layout will help you visualize what your website will look like and will make everything else easier as well. You should consider hiring a designer or a freelancer to help you out because it is an important part of the entire design process.

You can learn how to story board apps for your website by taking a class or you can read articles about it on the internet. There are many benefits to knowing how to draw your site and they include things like your audience seeing your entire design process from start to finish.


If you can visualize your site, then you can come up with exciting ideas and you can also have better quality in your imagination. Learning how to draw storyboard can help you achieve the designs that you want and it is something that is very important when it comes to planning out your pre-production process.

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