Facts About Web Design To Share With Clients In 2023

Things change quickly in web design and the status of the web in general as time passes. Looking too far back involves referring to trends, techniques, and technology that are no longer relevant. As you’ll see shortly, web designers who want to give the best value and results to their clients in 2023 will need to be more than just skilled creatives.

We scoured the web for the most recent data and surveys to compile a list of web design Ireland statistics that will be useful to you in 2023 and beyond. 

Why Is Web Design Facts Important?

A well-designed website can assist you in making a favourable first impression on a potential customer. It allows you to nurture leads and boost traffic conversions. It may, nevertheless, provide an exceptional user experience to help website visitors access and navigate your website.

The following are the top nine website design Agency trends for 2023:

  • Typographic hero image
  • Retro revolution
  • Visible borders
  • Engaging interactives
  • Neo-brutalism
  • Creative scrolling experiences
  • Handmade graphics

General Statistics To Give Context As Of 2023

To get you warmed up for what’s to come, let’s look at some fantastic web design Facts & statistics.

  • When accessed on a mobile device, 85% of individuals believe that a company’s website should be as excellent as or better than its desktop website.
  • 48% of people say that website design is the most important aspect in determining a company’s legitimacy.
  • If the layout of a website is unappealing, 38% of visitors will abandon it.
  • The homepages of 70% of small business websites lack a Call to Action (CTA).
  • A typical user just requires 50 milliseconds to establish an opinion about a website.
  • 57% of customers would not suggest a company that does not have a mobile-friendly website.
  • A negative user experience makes 88% of online customers less likely to return to a site.
  • 94% of consumers form their first impression of a website solely based on its appearance.
  • 68% of businesses with a mobile-first website saw a boost in sales.
  • Web design accounts for 75% of a company’s credibility judgement.
  • A poor website User Experience, according to 77% of firms, is a drawback for their clients.
  • Every year, slow-loading websites cost merchants £60 billion in lost sales.

Several of you may not be aware that your website’s design is critical for your business’s success. However, after reading these statistics for Ireland website design, we hope you now have a better understanding of how it could make or break your business.


The internet is an incredible instrument that connects us to the rest of the world. It may be a very effective marketing tool for your company, and a well-designed website can assist improve traffic and sales. Some of these web design facts will help you enhance your web design talents, as well as your business and your client’s business.

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