Cliqued Media : Eight Reasons You Should Hire Them!

Hire Cliqued Media : Online marketing has become the most competitive business environment of all, as businesses globally enter the space and e-commerce continues to grow at an alarming pace. Just having a run-of-the-mill website is no longer enough if you hope to compete on an even keel. Many companies have been caught short and find themselves lacking the necessary skills to compete.  

If your company is one of the many who are struggling to adjust, then Cliqued Media, website designers Ireland, may just be just the agency that you have been looking for. Take a look at some of the many reasons why you should consider hiring them: 

A Client Oriented Approach

Cliqued Media has been Ireland’s number one website design agency for a long time. That is because of the focus that we put on our client relations. It is not until we truly know our customers, that we can begin to help them begin to grow and to flourish. This belief is the foundation of every new project that we undertake.

Our genuine commitment to customer service shines through in every respect and is a behavior that is noticed by our clients. Take the fact that our average feedback score by current and past clients is 9.8 out of 10. This in a highly competitive industry. And a whopping 92% of our clients are happy to recommend Cliqued Media to friends and colleagues. High praise indeed from the people that we value the most. Hire Cliqued Media .    

Cutting Edge Website Design

When it comes to designing high performance websites, mediocrity does not cut it anymore. Not in the highly competitive world of ecommerce. Beautifully design and fully responsive websites are what is required, and that is what we deliver. 

Cliqued Media are certified web wizards. We attract the best designers who understand the latest in design technology and trends. They use their experience to design bespoke websites for a broad range of clients, based on specific objectives and requirements.

Finally, we’re highly attuned to the latest consumer trends, desires, and online behaviour. Our website designs are aimed at achieving the best possible user experience for all visitors to your website. 

Websites That Perform

Cliqued Media’s websites are built to perform. It’s a fact that after we have redesigned their websites, our clients achieve a 64% average revenue increase.

To be successful a website requires a set of well thought through goals and objectives that help drive performance. Cliqued Media’s web wizards work closely with clients to develop realistic and appropriate goals and objectives. We also help to identify key performance indicators that can be measured and analysed on a regular basis. 

Our analysts assist clients to understand data collected from website analytics. We provide an in-depth interpretation of the data and where applicable, advise on changes and improvements that may be required. Hire Cliqued Media.

A Strategic Mindset

Cliqued Media believes in taking a strategic approach with every new project. We don’t begin the design of a new website without first undertaking an extensive analysis of our client’s online business and involvement. 

We’ll sit down with each individual client to gain a thorough understanding of what is required and of the best way to achieve this. Then we’ll apply this knowledge to the design of their website, by including the features and level of technology that is appropriate for the individual requirements. 

If needed, Cliqued Media will help to develop an innovative digital marketing strategy to support the website, by driving traffic to the site.

Comprehensive Services

It’s a fact that no successful website is an island. Success requires a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, where the website is the flagship and where all other marketing and media platforms serve to drive traffic to the site.

As a leading website design agency Ireland, Cliqued Media are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive range of services to clients. From website design, to SEO, branding design, website maintenance and even hosting – we provide clients with a digital marketing super-support structure.  

Great eCommerce Websites

Cliqued Media love e-commerce and are motivated to design e-commerce websites that deliver great results. Our fully responsive and mobile optimized sites ensure that your business is up and running, accessible and competitive 24/7.  

When it comes to increased website traffic, higher sales conversion rates and a positive return on investment (ROI), our clients are more than happy to attest to the success of their new or refurbished websites.

And when it comes to customer safety and confidentiality on-site, we offer a range of website security and maintenance options for all requirements.  

SEO Services

It goes without saying that it is no use having a great website if nobody sees it. And probably the biggest challenge for any company is to have their website appear on the top of search engine lists. “Unseen is unsold”, as they say. 

Our search engine wizards are just the best. Since 2006, Cliqued Media’s SEO services and strategies have helped businesses of various sizes in Ireland, to ensure that they get the maximum return from their online activities. Hire Cliqued Media for Seo Services.

Our SEO strategies help our clients to get noticed online and ensure that their websites drive leads, sales, and deeper engagement. 

Committed Client Support

Modern online consumers demand access to websites and information day and night. Stability is the key. So, when it comes to online marketing, nothing gives as much peace-of-mind as knowing that your site will remain live and running 24/7.

The key to achieving reliability and happy online customers is website maintenance. Cliqued Media offer it all. Our customer service does not end with the design and implementation of a new website. 

Cliqued Media provides  regular updates, email, application and website file security, as well as backup and restoration services. Also, various add-ons, including keyword ranking, uptime monitor and performance checks. Our options include a selection of maintenance plans to suite all budgets. 


If you’re looking for website design services in Galway, Ireland, then Cliqued Media is your agency. Second best is no longer an option. We have a proven record of delivering beautifully designed websites, backed by an innovative digital marketing strategy that has delivered business growth and a positive ROI for many companies of all sizes.