WooCommerce–Everything you should know

Want to add a shopping cart facility to your website or efficiently sell your products? WooCommerce is the solution. But what is it actually?

Wocommerce is an extension (plugin) and website builder that’ll give you the ability to sell physical and digital goods, manage recurring billing subscriptions, and track shipping.

Anybody with a WordPress website can easily integrate this feature! You don’t need any advanced programming skills or prior experience with eCommerce platforms. If you have a simple website built on WordPress, you will be able to install and set up Wocommerce in a matter of minutes.

It is the world’s largest open-source eCommerce platform that is easy to handle and cost-effective for beginners. Also, it is suitable for small to big merchants who want to use the online store by using WordPress.

There are plenty of eCommerce websites and eCommerce software that give support to online stores. But WooCommerce has a preference over all other eCommerce platforms.

So, here is the complete guide for beginners to experts to set their online stores by using WordPress site.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce solutions that supports the quick selling of products and services through WordPress or online stores. Over the past few years, WooCommerce gained massive popularity due to its benefits for the online business, and millions of users use it for their small to big online stores.

It is a free WordPress plugin that helps in building the free eCommerce platform. Install the WooCommerce plugin and create an effective eCommerce platform from scratch to shipping features.

If you also want to build your eCommerce website, install WooCommerce on the WordPress website and use it for free with all the features. Remember that WooCommerce is free for eCommerce stores, but you still need the domain and hosting to set up the eCommerce website.

In the free WooCommerce version, you will get an open-source eCommerce solution, but it has the paid version for premium support. The paid versions are preferable if you don’t have much technical knowledge.


WooCommerce Features And Benefits

Here are some incredible features and benefits of WooCommerce and its plugin.

Open-Source eCommerce Platform

WooCommerce is the leading popular eCommerce platform for building an online presence. Install it on WordPress and get easy solutions on free eCommerce platforms for big or small businesses.

Customizable Themes

Woocomemrce provides a wide range of support for e-commerce sites. By installing the woo-commerce plugin, you can get plenty of options to customize themes and make a website according to your requirements.

Best For Non-Tech Web Developers

WordPress is best for non-technical knowledge personnel. WordPress with woo-commerce support makes the perfect combination to sell online and make a profit. It helps in inventory management, transaction fees, admin panel, community support, shipping options, and many more.

Easy User Interface

It has an easy and quick user interface that is essential for both small and large enterprises. In addition, you can run multiple stores through wp eCommerce with highly customizable options.

SEO Friendly

There is a massive global community that wants to run an online store or blog. So, it is struggling to create SEO-friendly websites. But WordPress makes it easy, especially when you have Woocommerce for eCommerce platforms.

Analytics Power

Built-in analytics is one of the essential features in Woocommerce. So you can get all the data with a few clicks from your eCommerce stores. Moreover, you can also integrate third-party analytics for your website and get deep insights.

Why Is WooCommerce Best?

Woocommerce is best for open-source eCommerce solutions. It provides responsive web designs, a friendly interface with many features. If you have the paid extensions of Woocommerce, then nothing can stop you from running multiple stores with customization options.

According to a survey, more than 26 percent of eCommerce websites use Woocommerce for their online presence. It is a cost-effective platform for beginners and experts and compatible with leasing CMS platform WordPress.

So with all its features and premium support to users, it is the leading and best eCommerce platform. Moreover, you can say that it is a flexible open-source platform with all the advanced features for non-technical knowledge personnel.

Woocommerce Vs. Shopify

Now many of us are stuck between choosing Woocommerce and Shopify. Before making the selection, ensure that you know about your online or multi-store theme and requirement. If you want to have a complete and customizable option for your online store, Woocommerce is best. It provides an effective and cost-friendly solution with plenty of other features.

However, if you have to get access to hassle-free scalability, then Shopify is the preferable platform.

WooCommerce Pricing

Woocommerce is the cost-effective open-source solution for eCommerce platforms. It costs $10 per month and covers all the essential features that you need to run online. However, if you want premium support, then it costs an additional $200.

Woocommerce Store Essential Requirements

Want to know the Woocommerce store requirements? As a server, you may require the following things in setting up your online store.

  • Select a host
  • Install WordPress
  • Install WooCommerce plugins
  • CURL or fsockopen support
  • If you are a non-English, you may require Multibyte String support
  • SOAP support for its extensions

Best WooCommerce Themes

Here are the best Woocommerce themes that you need to know before setting up your open-source eCommerce platforms.

  • Astra WooCommerce Theme
  • Neve
  • Divi
  • SeedProd
  • Ultra
  • Online Shop Pro

What Are WooCommerce Products Add Ons?

Woocommerce product addons are great features that allow potential customers to customize their products. It gives support to customers to shop for personalized items from online stores according to their requirements. Moreover, it doesn’t demand follow-up emails when customers check out from sites.

It allows the product addons through text boxes, checkboxes, sample images, dropdowns, and custom price inputs.

WordPress WooCommerce

WordPress and Woocommerce are ideal for making an online presence and building small or large eCommerce stores. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform with effective responses for SEO-friendly sites. However, when you have the Woocommerce plugin, you can boost the experience with plenty of features and customizable solutions for your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you not use WooCommerce?

Woocommerce is the best option for your online stores, but you may find some functionality issues in the free version. It demands the plugins to compete with the large competitors. Also, without having the Woocommerce plugin on WordPress, you may face speed issues.

Is WooCommerce difficult?

No, Woocommerce is not difficult. You may find it challenging in the initial stages. But when you have some hands-on it then you will find it easy and quick to set up multiple online stores. It takes some time to understand its technical features, and then you are good to go.


By summing up the above discussion, it is clear that Woocommerce is the best and excellent support for online stores. You can use its essential features by having the free-of-cost plugin. But if you want technical support, then purchase its premium version. We hope that our guide will prove a starting point to build your new e-commerce store.