The Best Rated Joomla Web Designers in Ireland

No matter where you are in the world, Ireland is a great place to find the very best in the IT and digital marketing-related industries. And the same thing applies to Joomla web designers.

The nature of the Internet and that of digital marketing means that you can choose a Joomla web designer from anywhere in the world. However, you don’t really need to go further than Ireland, which has a great international reputation for everything IT-related.

The presence of eight of the top ten global IT companies, together with the growth of local agencies and website developers, have made Ireland a leader in global IT-related business.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel, and eBay to name a few, have ensured the growth of an IT culture and, on the back of this, the development of exceptional home-grown talent, there’s no excuse to venture out of the country to find a highly professional Joomla developer.

In this article, we’ll give you some guidance as to what exactly Joomla is. We’ll also highlight some of the best-rated Joomla web designers and web development companies that Ireland has to offer.

What is Joomla Web Design?

Simply put, Joomla is an open-sourced content management system (CMS). It allows users to create websites, and to generate and manage content and applications. It also makes the business of content management easier, for both the developer and site manager.

The Joomla platform enables anyone to publish content, change the appearance, and expand the functionality of a site with a host of available extensions.

Joomla can be used for blog sites (Joomla blogs), business websites, eCommerce sites, social media sites, and a lot more than this.

Best of all, for any small to medium-sized business, Joomla is a free-to-download and use platform. And this includes the regular updates to the system. 

Joomla vs. WordPress 2021

One of the most common decisions for the novice is whether to go with WordPress or with Joomla. To understand the benefits of Joomla, one has to understand how it fits into the current hierarchy of content management systems.

Think of Joomla as the middleman of CMS. On the one hand, you have WordPress, which dominates the market with over 60% market share. On the other hand, there is Drupal, with a very small market share. And somewhere in between, there is Joomla, with a 3.5% share of the total CMS market.

Joomla market share

Don’t think of 3.5% as being Mickey Mouse either. Over 2.5 million active sites run on the Joomla system, with over 9% of them being business-orientated sites (Nick Galov, August 9, 2021).

Joomla offers some distinct features and benefits over WordPress. It is more complex to use than WordPress, but it does allow for greater creativity, customization, and control over the management of your site.

For beginners and intermediate users, Joomla allows the creation of exceptional websites, without the need for high-level technical ability.

Does anyone still use Joomla?

Many organizations of all sizes make use of the Joomla CMS, including the likes of Ikea, Holiday Inn, Harvard University, Linux, and e Bay, to name a few.

From companies turning over less than $1 million annually to those generating in excess of a billion – Joomla is the platform of choice, because of its usability, adaptability, and flexibility.

What are the advantages of Joomla?

While many of the leading content management systems have similar advantages, Joomla has been the recipient of many awards for Best Website CMS. They’re doing it right and have been recognized accordingly.

Overall we’d highlight that:

  • It has over 75 language packs – great for building multi-lingual websites
  • Over 10,000 extensions are available – making ongoing improvements a synch
  • Best-practice SEO is embedded and ready to go – ensuring that your brand gets noticed
  • Online security is of a higher standard than that of WordPress – helping to protect your content
  • Joomla offers great information, support, and training
  • It’s a global platform, with open software, that is free to download Joomla and use

How to Choose Your Joomla Web Designer

If your decision is to appoint a professional web design agency, there are a few factors (amongst others), that you need to consider before making your choice:

  • Consider the implications of your choice on the most valuable asset that you have, namely your brand
  • Ensure that your intended choice of the web designer is in fact a proven Joomla specialist
  • Visit your designers own website to see a true reflection of their abilities and professionalism
  • Speak to some of their existing and past clients
  • Agree to upfront on a list of services, the degree of involvement that you expect and also, who exactly will be working on your project
  • Agree on an appropriate rate and a detailed breakdown of all potential costs accruing along the way

Joomla Web Development & Website Design in Ireland

As we’ve already mentioned, there are a host of talented web designers in Ireland. But not all of these specialize in Joomla.

According to @TechBehemoths, there are six web design companies in Ireland, who specialize in Joomla web design, who have managed to provide outstanding Joomla service and support, as follows:

Cliqued Media

Founded: 2006

Situated: Dublin

Cliqued Media is a website turnkey operation, who designs top-notch websites. They specialize in website design, website development and website maintenance, website hosting, domain registrations, domain renewals and domain management, content management systems (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), and internet consultancy.


Founded: 2014

Situated: Dublin

Red Flag specializes in the development of market-responsive CMS websites and mobile apps. They develop mobile-friendly and search engine optimized websites for customers, that are highly targeted. They also address organizational aspects such as enterprise mobility, mobile security, and mobile strategy.


Founded: Not available

Situated: Dublin

Irish Web Experts (IWE) are an agile, creative, and innovative agency with solid technical skills and experience. They specialize in web development, content management systems (CMS), e-commerce, and online marketing. They offer a complete service, covering strategic planning, web development e-commerce, and SEO, backed by long-term management and support for your web project.


Founded: 2016

Situated: Naas

Vine Digital is a passionate and driven international agency, who’s approach is to do things differently and to perfection. They offer a wealth of experience in digital marketing, SEO, PPC, traditional advertising, web, and graphic design, data analysis, and more.


Founded: 2019

Situated: Dublin

Social Gravity is a full-scale, customer-centric SEO & Digital Marketing Agency. Their purpose is to cater to small and medium-sized ventures across the globe. They provide tailor-made digital marketing solutions, backed by over 10 years of experience in a broad spectrum of digital marketing fields, and with a strong focus in SEO & Web Design.


Founded: 2018

Situated: Dublin

Glassfull Media is a growing digital marketing agency in the Dublin digital market. They manage client’s online media strategy on social media and other platforms, working closely with their clients to grow more customers. They offer a broad range of digital marketing services, such as websites, landing pages, online advertising, content creation, SEO, and branding.

Final Words

As discussed above Joomla and WordPress has some advantages and disadvantages, but it is fact that people are moving from Joomla to WordPress because of its ease of use, WordPress has a lot of templates and plugins that are growing day by, it is a fact that WordPress is growing more than Joomla. Many people are still using Joomla because they have large sites that are difficult to migrate to new the platform.

If you are also thinking of migrating from Joomla to WordPress, Cliqued Media’s web developers and website designers are there to help, we have migrated thousands of sites from Joomla to WordPress and other platforms without disturbing a single piece of information.